5 Ways To Make A Perfect Piñata

Who doesn’t love a fantastic piñata? It’s the perfect and most fun party staple. I have thrown more than one party where all we had was some food, a streamer or two and a piñata and of course, it was a party hit! And this whole “piñatas are for kids, not adults” notion is just insane. Piñatas are for everyone! And whether you decide to demolish them with a bat or pull out the insides with the assistance of a few strings, or just keep it looking pretty and festive, I am pretty sure the piñata will be the talk of your next party. Especially if you make your piñata! Let’s think about this. If the piñata is often everyone’s favorite part of the party (except chocolate. Chocolate trumps all) then doesn’t it make sense that you would want your piñata to be unique and special and awesome? So logically, you should definitely make your piñatas! Seems like sound logic to me. There are several different ways to achieve the perfect DIY piñata. Here are five popular and downright awesome examples.

pinata 01

Of course the oh so talented Jordan from Oh Happy Day as a few great piñata tutorials. This golden alligator is a long time favorite of mine. It’s constructed from cardboard and stuck together with a healthy dose of tape. Then it was covered in the most amazing gold crepe paper fringe ever created. This is definitely one of those piñatas I would forbid anyone from hitting with a bat. It’s just too pretty. But if you insist on destroying it, may I suggest making two to keep one for post-party?

piñata 02

Post it notes? Yes! Brittany from The House That Lars Built created this genius and colorful heart piñata for Brooklyn Bride. Don’t you love it? This one is also constructed from cardboard (isn’t cardboard amazing?) but instead of cutting up one thousand little crepe paper fringes, Brittany opted for colorful office supplies to do the heavy lifting for her. Clever, right? The squares would make it tempting to make something that looks like it’s made from pixels. Wreck it Ralph anyone?

piñata 03

This fun cube piñata is so clever because it’s made from a tissue box! No cardboard building skills required! Either use or remove all of your tissues and start covering that bad boy with your pretty crepe paper fringe. The ribbons are a great touch too. Have you ever used a piñata that required that you grab the strings and pull to get all the candy inside? I have and it was great! This same idea works with the ribbons. Attach them to the inside of the tissue box, poke them through to the outside and when the time comes, pull away to redeem your sweet prize. Fun, right?

piñata 05

I remember when I saw this tutorial and I am pretty sure my heart leapt for joy. Cover a paper lantern with crepe paper, fill it with confetti and have fun! It’s simple, fun and genius. Jenny from Hank & Hunt came up with the clever idea and made it for Oh Happy Day so you can get all the details over there. This would be a great piñata to have your guests pull overtop of the birthday boy or mom to be at a shower. You could even fill it with things like stickers or bouncy balls. Wouldn’t that be a blast?

piñata 04

And the classic paper mache! You remember making paper mach piñatas when you were a kid, right? This one over on Refinery 29 is straight forward and so much fun. The balloon shape is so childhood reminiscent and the colors of the scalloped tissue paper are perfect. The paper mache technique takes a while to do (all of that news paper!) but in the end it’s a fun activity for a crafternoon with the kids.

So now that you have several DIY options in front of you, what do you think? Do you think you’ll give it a shot at your next party? Or will you remain to have lame and forgettable parties? The choice is yours.

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