5 Ways to Put Your Self First Even After the Holidays

5 Ways To Put Your Self First Beyond The HolidaysI don’t know about you, but my small people are *finally* back at school…  I have seen mixed reactions online as people bundled their little ones up and sent them off. The sweet memories of the holidays leave some moms with a wistful, “I can’t believe it is already over,” while others can barely contain the joy of having a quiet home and a schedule that returns to “normal.”

Don’t misunderstand: I ADORE my small people. I love the holidays. But, I have to admit, I fell into the latter category. I needed a return to the regular. After weeks of high-octane running, chaos, and a complete lack of “me-time,” I need an opportunity to re-focus.

It is so important that we find a way to carve out the time we need to keep us feeling sane, feeling good and happy. I can PROMISE you that I am a better mother, a more productive businesswoman, truly a more delightful human being if I have managed to make the time to put myself first — even a few moments a day.

Do note that I said MAKE THE TIME… not find the time. I’m well aware that putting myself first is, in fact, a choice. You don’t get to complain that there isn’t enough time — you have to actually DO IT.

Here are a few easy ways.

Do you make the time to put your self first?  And if you do… what are your favorite ways to do it?

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