7 Best Slides In Houses (Including a DIY!)

I can’t get enough of slides inside of homes. I recently came across an amazing DIY one and it made me revisit some of my old favorites, and start scheming about which home-owning friend I can convince to build a slide. If you think you might be tempted, be sure to click through the slideshow below to see all my favorites, and also the slide at ‘Catfish Landing’ with a link to their step-by-step instructions. (What seriously lucky grandkids!)


  • Concrete Slide 1 of 8
    Concrete Slide
    This cool concrete slide is in a home in Indonesia, and is by Aboday Architects.
  • The Rainbow House 2 of 8
    The Rainbow House
    This slide is part of a home called 'The Rainbow House.' Isn't that rad? AB Rogers Design
  • LEVEL Architects 3 of 8
    LEVEL Architects
    With an exit directly into the family room, this slide by Level Architects probably gets plenty of use.
  • Alex Michaelis 4 of 8
    Alex Michaelis
    This slide is just one of the great kid features in Alex Michaelis' home. They've also got a pint-sized pool and climbing wall.
  • Cortney Novogratz 5 of 8
    Cortney Novogratz
    This basement redo by Cortney Novogratz included a rainbow staircase and slide.
  • Scott Jones House 6 of 8
    Scott Jones House
    This slide in a more traditional setting is even more unexpected.
  • Turett Collaborative 7 of 8
    Turett Collaborative
    This slide reminds me of the slide at my favorite park from childhood. It's by Turett Collaborative.
  • DIY Slide at Catfish Landing 8 of 8
    DIY Slide at Catfish Landing
    This slide might be the most impressive of all because the owners took it on themselves to build it for their grandkids. You can see their step-by-step instructions right here.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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