7 Messy Crafts That are Worth Making Anyway

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It’s quite possible that I’m the messiest crafter in the world. If there is chaos to be made with crafting, then I will make it. The safest thing to do is put a tarp down and hide anything that needs to be clean … including things like pets and electronics. What always makes being a messy crafter a little complicated is that I like to look up crafts on my phone and have the instructions nearby — but then my phone is in jeopardy of being destroyed by my sloppiness. So what’s a girl to do?

I send my instructions to my HP wireless printer using my phone. With a few touches, the instructions are printed out. Then I put my phone away and get creative. So not only am I saving a lot of money by making things, but I’m saving a lot of money by not destroying my phone! To show you what I’m talking about, I put together a slideshow of 7 crafts that are worth making — despite the mess. So print out your instructions, hide your valuables and get creative (and messy!).

  • 7 Messy Crafts That are Worth Making Anyway 1 of 8

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  • Apple Stamps 2 of 8

    For this craft, you'll have to cut fruit and then use it to paint. I've done this before, and the slippery apple shot right out of my hand. But the resulting crafts are totally worth it because there is nothing cuter than an apple stamp.

    Find out how to make it Craftstylish

  • Spray Painted Jars 3 of 8

    These black lace jars are perfect for fall, and so simple and gorgeous. But make sure you move every single thing you've ever cared about out of the way before you spray paint - including your pets. My fawn colored pug may or may not have a black spot on her side . . .

    Find out how they were made at Mod Podge Rocks

  • Decoupage Storage 4 of 8

    As a seasoned Mod Podger, I know how messy decoupage can be. And it doesn't come out of your clothes. So be sure to wear an apron when making this awesome jar, which is recycled and can hold all of your craft supplies.

    See how it was done at Mod Podge Rocks

  • Bleach Painting 5 of 8

    You can make the most awesome bleach painted fabric with a regular rubber stamp - just remember to wear clothes that you don't care about ruining (lesson learned right here).

    See how it was done at Untrendy Life


  • Lip Scrub 6 of 8

    This lip scrub looks and smells delicious - and what a delicious mess I could make on the counter, as I do with any recipe.

    Find out how it was made at Henry Happened

  • Chalkboard Tray 7 of 8

    Chalkboard paint isn't hard to use, but I always find myself needing several layers - increasing the potential for spills. But look how cute the finished to-do list is!

    Find out how to make it at Saved By Love Creations

  • Glitter Mugs 8 of 8

    I've never poured glitter successfully without making a big mess - not once in my life. But I do want to impress my Starbucks baristas when I walk in for my latte with a hand decorated mug, so this is perfect.

    Learn how these were made at Olive & Ivy

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