7 Outrageous Real-Life Kids' Rooms


These parents certainly didn’t take the “safe route” when it came to decorating their baby’s and kid’s room. Outside the box, some might say. Over the top, others might argue. Obnoxious might even come to mind.

Regardless, here are 7 incredible examples of ingenuity and — in some cases — a lot of money:

  • Rock-A-Bye Baby 1 of 7
    Rock-A-Bye Baby
    Well they certainly have a consistent theme, don't they?
  • Mommy, Horsies! 2 of 7
    Mommy, Horsies!
    When your earliest memories involve a working carousel in your room, where do you go from there?
  • Fit for a Queen 3 of 7
    Fit for a Queen
    A bit much, yes, but it certainly is a little girl's fantasy.
  • Rainy Day Backup 4 of 7
    Rainy Day Backup
    How many times do you think those kids jumped down and bounced off their beds?
  • The Circus is in Town 5 of 7
    The Circus is in Town
    I would love to say that this is a little over the top, but I love it. Every last detail.
  • Ahoy! 6 of 7
    Talk about the ultimate little boy's room. Why would he ever want to leave his cozy little ship?
  • Big Kid Dream 7 of 7
    Big Kid Dream
    And as the boys get older, this becomes their new dream room.

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