Top 7 Products that Parents Don't Know They Need

Reading through our Top 50 Mom Bloggers’ must-have product picks got me thinking about the life-changing abilities of good baby products. There are baby products that are continuously praised as “must-haves” — like baby carriers, baby wipes and exersaucers — and for good reason.

But there are also products I’ve come across that I never knew I needed. And while you can certainly muster through life without them, you simply won’t want to.

Here are 7 underrated products that will change your life:

1. A clip-on high chair

This Phil & Teds Lobster high chair has changed my life. See why it’s so awesome, plus enter to win your own Lobster clip-on high chair!

2. Tiny Bites Food Shears

These cutlery-grade stainless steel food scissors are specially designed for parents to cut up food for their little ones. We know you might think it’s silly and unnecessary — nothing that a fork and a knife can’t handle — but have you ever tried cutting up pasta with one hand? Or grapes? Pizza? These Tiny Bites scissors make food prep drastically faster and easier — so much so that they’re one of my all-time favorite baby product finds. I can’t recommend them enough. (Buy a set of two Tiny Bites scissors for $9.99.)

3. A Pacifier Clip

It will take you approximately 10 minutes of pacifier use to figure out why a pacifier clip is a god-sent. One end loops around the binkie while the other clips onto your baby’s shirt — and therefore the dropped pacifier doesn’t bounce and roll to every corner of the house. (And how adorable are the wooden pacifier clips from Haba?)

4. Stuffed animal storage

The stuffed animal hoarding begins at birth, and the accumulating can be astounding. Everyone talks about toy boxes and bins, but what about specifically stuffed animal storage? Read our 6 favorite stuffed animal storage solutions.

5. The GoCrib

Forget about the bulky Pack ‘N Play. This inflatable GoCrib is, hands-down, the best portable crib/play pen/toddler fort ever. Life changing, really. Read why it’s so cool here.

6. The iPhone

See why the iPhone was the most popular must-have from our Top 50 Mom Bloggers, plus the most life-changing apps for mom.

7. A Swaddler — not just a receiving blanket

Most new moms have a stockpile of regular old receiving blankets and then wonder why their baby never liked them. I’ve professed my love for Aden and Anais swaddlers in the past, but other moms swear by The Miracle Blanket or the Woombie. (Note: The Miracle Blanket is expensive, but I haven’t heard a mom say it isn’t worth every penny.)

What about you? Were there products you had no idea you’d need?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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