7 Trendy Serving Bowls From Target

It may seem like somewhat of a silly thing to be superior about, but serving bowls are a major make or break for a party. With summer en route or already here weather-wise for many people in the United States, it’s time to start stocking up. Here, I’ve got 7 trendy serving bowls that hit the mark. Best of all, you can snag ’em all at Target (budget-friendly and totally accessible!)

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    Click through to see what you're missing as far as serving bowls go. The rest, I can't help with.

  • Wood 2 of 8
    serving bowls 01

    A simple wooden bowl that I might not be able to keep myself from dipping in paint. Wouldn't it look amazing? 

    Get it here for $19.99 from Target.

  • Dipped 3 of 8
    serving bowls 02

    A little artsy and a lot of cool. I really like the contrasting colors.

    Get it here for $21.99 from Target.

  • Trio 4 of 8
    serving bowls 03

    Some bowls that match but pop with different colors. I love it!

    Get them here for $12.99 from Target.

  • Hammered 5 of 8
    serving bowls 04

    There is something about these bowls. The shininess, the texture. I want them.

    Get them here for $34.99 from Target.

  • Yellow 6 of 8
    serving bowls 05

    Just a big, yellow bowl. Cheery and perfect for summer entertaining.

    Get it here for $6.99 from Target.

  • Chip + Dip 7 of 8
    serving bowls 06

    A classic chip and dip bowl. Simple, not silly patterns. Sure you could use it for vegetables and dip, but why would you do that?

    Get it here for $17.99 from Target.

  • Knotty 8 of 8
    serving bowls 07

    My grandmother had a bowl like this, and I always loved it. It's like adding some nature to your table. In a good way. Not in a streaking way.

    Get it here for $29.79 from Target.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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