7 Tips for Healthy Restaurant Eating!

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I’ve come to accept that I will never quit eating out. It’s how I socialize and connect with people. I love enjoying good food and conversation with my friends after a long day at work or a crazy week! Plus, I live in Portland, a foodie mecca! Since I won’t escape eating out anytime soon, I want to make better decisions when I do eat out. I’ve done this in the past but have struggled with consistency. After all, I do always feel better at the end of the evening better sharing fries with a friend, or walking back from the restaurant to shed a few of those calories. Here are a few of my favorite ideas for eating healthy when at a restaurant. Let me know if you have any of your own to share!

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  • Eat Greens! 2 of 8
    Eat Greens!
    Get your daily dose of greens even when you eat out! Order a salad, or choose dishes that have a topping or side of arugula, watercress or other seasonal greens.
    Photo taken by Chelsea Fuss at 23 Hoyt.
  • Healthy Options 3 of 8
    Healthy Options
    It's not realistic to think you'll always eat at a vegan restaurant, but once in a while, go for someplace that focuses on good, healthy food. The more healthy options you have, the more likely you are to make a good choice!
    Photo taken in Kreuzberg, Berlin by Chelsea Fuss.
  • Choose Fruit or Chocolate 4 of 8
    Choose Fruit or Chocolate
    Craving dessert? Choose fruit or dark chocolate options. Studies have shown that dark chocolate is more healthy for your heart. It's also more filling so you won't need to eat as much dessert.
    Photo from Frolic!.
  • Eat Slowly 5 of 8
    Eat Slowly
    This is my biggest challenge but if you eat out with friends, focus on conversation, savor each bite and eat slowly. The slower you eat, the less you'll need to eat!
    Photo by Chelsea Fuss taken at Grüner.
  • Organic and Local 6 of 8
    Organic and Local
    Choose restaurants that use local, organic produce and products. I've committed to eat 100% organic but it gets tough when I eat out. Choosing places that use local, organic ingredients, makes it easier.
    Photo by Chelsea Fuss.
  • Walk to Your Destination 7 of 8
    Walk to Your Destination
    Walk to and from the restaurant to get some exercise on the way!
    Photo by Chelsea Fuss.
  • Share! 8 of 8
    If you feel like indulging, share your food with a friend! Split a sandwich and order a cup of soup for yourself. It will help with the bill too!
    Photo taken at Double Dragon by Chelsea Fuss.

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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