7 Totally Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Adults!

Many of us concentrate just on our children’s costumes for Halloween. Not as many of us take the time, effort or energy to craft an original and awesome costume for ourselves. That’s when the quick and easy costumes come in handy. Here are seven popular, easy, quick no stress costumes for this year’s Halloween.

1.      Ghost Easiest costume ever. Get a sheet. Cut some holes for your eyes…and you are done!

2.      Vampire Go to your local five and dime, buy some fangs. Throw on whatever your wearing and spike up your hair a little. You can then be a vampire from Twilight, Buffy or Vampire Diaries.

3.      Witch Dress in all black, throw on a pointed hat and grab your broom. You’re as wicked as it gets.

4.      Sue Sylvester Throw on a track suit, grab a short blonde haired wig and there you go, you are Sue Sylvester.

5.      Jersey Shore cast member If you are a woman, give yourself a Snookie do. If you are a man, grab one of those fake ab T-shirts that seem to be everywhere.

6.      Kissing Booth If your wife, husband or significant other doesn’t mine, just take a cardboard box cut out the bottom, and put Kissing Booth up on the upper flap. And hey, you might be able to make a couple bucks on the side.

7.      Pregnant Just stuff something in your tummy area and you’re set. And it’s always a hit if you go as a knocked up nun or a pregnant man.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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