7 Spring-Themed Artworks to Fight Off Cabin Fever

To fight off cabin fever this winter, bring a little spring into the home with art. These gorgeous art pieces are filled with colorful blooms and wildlife. I grew up painting and still love what a difference a work of art can make in a home. I also like variety, so I’ve included wall art photos, paintings, digital prints, and more. A quick alternative to redecorating is making one of these the focal point of the room. You can also use them to brighten up a corner of the home.

Check out these 7 spring-themed artworks!

  • Bloom Art 1 of 7

    Bring the colors of spring blooms into your home with this pretty piece that can perfectly complement your space.

    Buy it for $20+ at Etsy.

  • Ode to Spring 2 of 7

    Show the transition of winter to spring with this pretty print inspired by folk art.

    Buy it for $13.90 Melanie Kimmett.

  • Field of Flowers 3 of 7

    Even with snow on the ground it can feel like spring with this beautiful photo of spring flowers.

    Buy it for $24 at Urban Outfitters.

  • Buck in the Flowers 4 of 7

    The colors and detail in this print surely make spring come alive.

    Buy it for $24 at Urban Outfitters.

  • Spring Hare 5 of 7

    This pretty print would make a lovely Easter gift for someone this spring.

    Buy it for $12 at Lily Moon.

  • Shirley Poppy 6 of 7

    Pick up a print from the talented Emily Winfield Martin from The Black Apple.

    Buy it for $16 at The Black Apple.

  • Flowers of North America 7 of 7

    This beautiful canvas print brings a touch of nature right into the home.

    Buy it for $69 at Land of Nod.

Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Pretty Prudent, the premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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