8 Essentials for a Day at the Beach

[Picture by Jordan Ferney at Deauville, France]


When the weather gets warmer and the temperature of the Pacific sounds tempting instead of terrifying, it’s time to head for the beach. Sunny days on the sand are pretty much perfection and with these 8 essentials, you’re guaranteed a great day.

  • Striped Beach Umbrella 1 of 8
    Striped Beach Umbrella
    To stay out of the sun, I like to take a big umbrella. Especially good for little kids to play under.
  • Wooden Beach Chair 2 of 8
    Wooden Beach Chair
    A nice set of wooden beach chairs you can throw over your shoulder are worth investing in. You'll keep them for years and they are much cuter than their plastic counterparts.
  • Collapsible Grill 3 of 8
    Collapsible Grill
    This grill is great for cooking hotdogs and veggie kabobs over a bonfire - and it can go through the dishwasher and collapses into one tiny tube.
  • Turkish Beach Towels 4 of 8
    Turkish Beach Towels
    I love the look of Turkish beach towels and they don't take up as much room in your bag as a normal towel.
  • Vintage Bocce Set 5 of 8
    Vintage Bocce Set
    Playing bocce ball at the beach is probably my favorite beach activity (right after toasting marshmallows).
  • Tree Branch Marshmallow Toaster 6 of 8
    Tree Branch Marshmallow Toaster
    When it takes 10 minutes to toast a marshmallow to golden perfection, you might as well cook more than one at a time!
  • Classic Kite 7 of 8
    Classic Kite
    Ocean breezes would be perfect to fly a classic rainbow kite.
  • Vintage Coleman Cooler 8 of 8
    Vintage Coleman Cooler
    I love vintage coolers - you can find them on eBay, on Etsy, at Thriftstores or in your grandparents garage.


Beach Umbrella

Wooden Beach Chairs

Portable Grill

Turkish Towels

Bocce Set

Marshmallow Roaster


Coleman Cooler

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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