8 New Baby Products Your Mom Has Never Heard of

Occasionally my mother-in-law will be amazed at some baby product I sort of took for granted. I thought it would be fun to do a post on baby items that  have been invented in the last ten years. My criteria was it had to be somethting that has been really innovative. (For example: no diaper bags on this list unless you can show me a diaper bag that actually changes the baby by itself.) While nothing on this list is essential (see proof all around us that you can raise kids without any of it) some of it is sure nice to have. Click through to see my list. What am I missing? Am I totally off?

  • Formula Dispenser 1 of 8
    Formula Dispenser
    We used formula with my second child and this genius invention was a godsend. It measures out the amount of formula in advance for on the go or when you need to make the bottle quickly! (ie: baby is screaming.)
    from $3.89
  • Sleepsack 2 of 8
    Older babies kick off every blanket you put on them. Sleep sacks keep them toasty on cold nights.
    from $19
  • Boppy Infant Feeding and Support Pillow 3 of 8
    Boppy Infant Feeding and Support Pillow
    These have become popular in recent years. Twitter told me to put them on the list but is it really different than a rolled up pillow?
    from Babies R Us $36.99
  • Bumbo Baby Seat 4 of 8
    Bumbo Baby Seat
    Babies want to be able to do things beyond their skill level. They like sitting up and looking at things before they are physically able. This chair helps support before they are ready to do it on their own.
    from $36.99
  • Levana ClearVu Digital Video Monitor 5 of 8
    Levana ClearVu Digital Video Monitor
    This is porn for new mom's and dad's. An entire tv station devoted to watching your baby sleep.
    from $69.99
  • The Puj Tub 6 of 8
    The Puj Tub
    Another suggestion from Twitter. This baby tub stores flat but can be pulled out and forms to your sink's shape.
    from $39.99
  • Clip on Highchair 7 of 8
    Clip on Highchair
    I think this is so clever, takes up no room and the baby can sit at the table. There is some debate if these existed more than 10 years ago.
    from $49.99
  • Ella’s Kitchen Baby Brekkie 8 of 8
    Ella's Kitchen Baby Brekkie
    These squeeze pouches are perfect little meals-on-the-go. They make taking baby food much easier than a jar and are super quick and pretty mess-free.
    from $13.79 for 7

There is my list. I’d love to hear your feedback! What am I missing?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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