8 Places to Work While They Play

Everything in me is screaming, “Yay! Summer vacation!” I love having the kids home. I love exploring the awesome summer fun in Indianapolis. I love 3 months off from carpool, packing lunches, and homework. But here’s a summer math problem for you:

2 work at home parents + 4 kids on summer break = 0 productivity

With the kids home for the next two months, we have to be a little more creative about getting our work completed each day. We take turns working and entertaining the kids, we work later into the night after the kids are asleep, and we take the kids out to play while we work on the go!

Kids play areas with free wifi are a big key to our summer productivity. The kids can run, play, and enjoy summer fun while we watch from afar — laptops and iPhones in hand.

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    Here are 8 great places to setup camp and get some work done while the kids run and play:

  • Your Backyard 2 of 9

    If you stay under a porch or within the shadow of the house, the laptop screen is still visible enough to work, while you're visible enough for your kids to play in the yard. Better yet — take them to Grandma's! Even if she isn't able to babysit, the new environment can be enough of a distraction to allow you to get a little work done.

  • Bounce Houses 3 of 9

    When we visited Bounce U in Fishers a few weeks ago, the teen was in the throes of last-minute projects, homework, and final exams. She did take some time to play for a bit, then buckled down at the table areas to take advantage of the free wifi. I'm looking forward to bouncing out the kids this summer while I plug away at my laptop.

  • Fast Food Restaurants 4 of 9

    This is pretty much the only reason I ever take the kids for fast food. I can grab a Coke, take the kids to the play area, and get in as much work as possible before they've exhausted the space.
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  • Museums 5 of 9

    Most of the fun museums in this area have free wifi. If the kids have a favorite area (say, the science room at the children's museum), we can stick around awhile, setup a work area, and let them explore near me.

  • The School Playground 6 of 9

    Many schools have internet access available, though parents may need to request the wifi password from an administrator. If you're close enough to the school, you can work while the kids enjoy the playground. I've even been known to work from my phone or jot in a notebook from a park without wifi at all. Sometimes I can unplug and still be productive!

  • Bookstores 7 of 9

    Many bookstores have children's areas for storytime or play. Our local bookstore actually has train tables and Legos that will entertain the kids for hours. Or at least enough minutes to get a little work finished.
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  • The Library 8 of 9

    Our local library has computers, Legos, puzzles, books, and enough programs to fill our summer! Add wifi! I can get in a full day without a peep from the kids. It's our favorite place to work with kids in tow.

  • The Gym 9 of 9

    You guys, my friend Michelle is a genius! She heads to the gym during the summer for the free childcare included in her membership while she works in the cafe. She can workout solo later in the day, but the kids have a great time while she gets uninterrupted work time.
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