8 Recipes for Disaster


Every kid has a little mad scientist hiding inside of them, and nothing is more fun than spending a little time dreaming up mixtures that bubble and steam and overflow! Here are 10 crazy concoctions you can whip up at home to satisfy their need to explore and create.

Mad Scientist Potion 1 of 8
Even apple juice becomes sinister with the magic of dry ice. It's not as hard to get as you might think most major grocery stores carry dry ice.

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Invisible Ink 2 of 8
You have to keep a tight lid on your clandestine plans. Write secret messages to your lab partner with this lemon juice-based recipe for invisible ink.

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Ice Tunnels 3 of 8
Combine ordinary salt, ice, and liquid watercolor to create mesmerizing ice tunnels. Use on a bright sunny day for best results!

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Storm in a Cup 4 of 8
Hold the perfect storm in the palm of your hand! Your child will learn a few scientific principles from this experiment as well.

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Crystal Egg Geodes 5 of 8
See the crystallization process at work with these amazing egg geodes. Add the glow water pictured in this slideshow for an super cool special effect!

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Glow Water 6 of 8
Use a simple yellow highlighter to create your own glow-in-the-dark potion. A must for all junior mad scientists!

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Blow it Up! 7 of 8
Create your own gas and watch it inflate a balloon! All you need is a little baking soda and some vinegar.

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Elephant Toothpaste 8 of 8
Explore reactions with this super cool experiment. Much cooler than the standard baking soda volcano!

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What’s the coolest science experiment you’ve performed with your kids? Please share!

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