9 DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes & Crafts

9 DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes & Crafts via Babble
It’s hard to believe that Halloween is just a week away. If you are like a lot of people you may have been to busy to buy that outfit that you envisioned getting for your kids or yourself? Or maybe you are desperately looking for some fun Halloween Decor Ideas. You have definitely come to the right place! We have found 9 DIY last minute Halloween Costumes & Crafts that we know you will love!

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  • Pumpkin Costume 1 of 15
    Pumpkin Costume
    All you need to make this Pumpkin Costume is an Orange Tee & a Face that you can buy at your local craft store!
    Image Credit: Tim Riley For Babble
  • Pumpkin Costume 2 of 15
    Pumpkin Costume
    His twin brother wants to be a pumpkin for halloween too!
    Image Credit: Tim Riley For Babble
  • Pumpkin Costume 3 of 15
    Pumpkin Costume
    The cutest 2 little pumpkins ever!
    Image Credit: Tim Riley For Babble
  • Native American Costume 4 of 15
    Native American Costume
    This darling Native American inspired costume is quick and easy to create for your child! What you will need: A fabric of choice-suggest a fabric that does not unravel easily-Ribbon for the headband and Feathers of choice -Scissors -Optional: hot glue gun or sewing machine. we used a dress folded in half laid out on the fabric to be our cutting pattern. Be sure to add about 2-5 in. each side to allow for side ties. We then fringed the bottom well as fringed the sides in1 inch wide, and a few inches deep, depending on size of dress you are making. From this point we tied the front to back all the way down the sides, ensuring to double knot for security! We then did a simple strip of hot glue across the shoulder pieces to secure in place. Sewing is an option in place of any of these steps. The sweet little headband ia a quick band that could be worn over and over. We hot glued the back of a pre-measured piece of lace then added feathers to the front using the same method!
    Image Credit: Tim Riley For Babble
  • Nerd Costume 5 of 15
    Nerd Costume
    If you have some glasses then place tape around the center of the glasses and put a bow tie around a collard shirt! And viola you have a cute little Nerd Costume!
    Image Credit: Tim Riley For Babble
  • Bunny Mask 6 of 15
    Bunny Mask
    How great are these adorable masks designed by Barb Bruno! Your little one will love being a Bunny with this mask!
    Image Credit: Tim Riley For Babble
  • Printable Bunny Mask 7 of 15
    Printable Bunny Mask
  • Flamingo Mask 8 of 15
    Flamingo Mask
    Your child will love this Flamingo mask designed by Barb Bruno!
    Designed By: Barb Bruno For Babble
  • Printable Flamingo Mask 9 of 15
    Printable Flamingo Mask
  • Cupid Costume 10 of 15
    Cupid Costume
    How cute is this little Cupid?! To get this look: All you need is white fabric to make a toga. To finish it off your little cupid needs wings & a bow & arrow!
    Image Credit: Tim Riley For Babble
  • Colorful Masks 11 of 15
    Colorful Masks
    Buy these little masks at your local craft store, and let you kiddos go to town on coloring them!
    Image Credit: Tim Riley For Babble
  • Halloween Luminaries 12 of 15
    Halloween Luminaries
    The flickering light of a Halloween luminary creates the perfect ambiance! For this project you will need paper bags, halloween stencils (or free hand), scissors, small tea candles or LED lights. To Make-Take a paper bag, draw your pattern and either make it more visible or cut it out carefully. Then place a tea candle or LED lights in it. And you are all done!
    Image Credit: Tim Riley For Babble
  • Pumpkin Bunting 13 of 15
    Pumpkin Bunting
    Drape this fun Pumpkin Bunting around your home! To make: Trace a shape of a pumpkin onto Orange Paper then with a hole puncher, punch a hole in the top of the pumpkin stem. Then glue little rhinestones or accessories to your pumpkins. And last but not least string the pumpkins together and drape all over your home!
    Image Credit: Tim Riley For Babble
  • Pumpkin Bunting 14 of 15
    Pumpkin Bunting
    Trace, cut & decorate!
    Image Credit: Tim Riley For Babble
  • Spider Web Hoops 15 of 15
    Spider Web Hoops
    We made these simple "Spider Webs" to spook up your home in just moments! Keeping the yarn taught so as to prevent slipping, we wrapped yarn every which way around a single half of an embroidery hoop. Multiple hoops can be combined as well to add variation. If smaller children are having tension trouble, we suggest running the outside of the hoop with stick glue which will help hold the yarn. Get crazy with it...wrapping as much or as little as you like, even using multiple colors of yarn! Hang these quick webs from your doors in place of wreaths, from fireplace mantles,etc...
    Image Credit: Tim Riley For Babble

All photo’s taken by Tim Riley for Babble

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