9 Merry and Bright DIY Christmas Tree Toppers

For all the holiday decorating you’ll do, nothing will matter quite as much as your Christmas tree. As the focal point of your holiday festivities, your Christmas tree will serve as the quintessential symbol of the season, bringing with it precious memories and good cheer.

Now we know that a tree isn’t a really a tree without those personal touches. After all, every handmade decoration and nostalgic ornament tells a special story.

When I was growing up, we crowned our tree every year with the same angel tree topper used since my mother was born. It was precious, well-worn, and sadly too fragile to continue topping trees for generations to come.

In searching for alternatives, store-bought tree toppers never seemed to measure up. Sure, they were beautiful, but they didn’t possess the history or special meaning of that weathered angel. I decided that the next best thing would be a handmade tree topper, one created with my kids that we could use year after year with pride.

  • Treedazzle! 1 of 10

    Take a look at 9 stunning tree toppers you can make yourself and click through for tutorials!

  • Whimsical Tree Topper 2 of 10
    DIY tree topper

    We just love the whimsical spirit bursting from this bright and cheery DIY tree topper! Using nothing more than scrapbook paper, tape, hot glue and a festive ornament, this sparkle-happy tree topper takes less than 10 minutes and is only $5 to make!

    Get the full tutorial at Four Generations One Roof

  • Easy Bow Tree Topper 3 of 10
    Easy DIY bow Christmas tree topper by Shanty 2 Chic

    If you're looking for something easy, rustic, and chic, this burlap bow tree topper is a gorgeous choice. Burlap garland, scissors, and a hot glue gun are all that's needed to add homespun charm to your tree in a flash!

    Get the full tutorial at Shabby 2 Chic

  • Double-Sided Lighted Tree Topper 4 of 10
    DIY double-sided lighted Christmas tree topper by My So Called Crafty Life

    Ho-Ho-Holy cuteness! Don't you just love this two-sided lighted tree star? Vintage Santa man on the front and a holiday sentiment on the back makes for double the cuteness and double the decor!

    Get the full tutorial at My So Called Crafty Life

  • Rustic Tree Topper 5 of 10
    DIY Rustic Christmas Tree Topper by DIY Confessions

    Got sticks? Then you're well on your way to creating this wonderfully rustic DIY star tree topper. Sticks, yarn, a glue gun, and epsom salt are all you need to add beautiful rustic design to your holiday tree.

    Get the full tutorial at DIY Confessions

  • Lighted Starburst Mirror Tree Topper 6 of 10
    DIY lighted starburst mirror tree topper by DIY Showoff

    It's a starburst. It's a mirror. It's a DIY lighted starburst mirror tree topper! Bright, beautiful, blingy and bold, this tree topper is sure to crown your Christmas tree with shining glory!

    Get the full tutorial at DIY Show Off

  • Starburst Christmas Tree Topper 7 of 10
    DIY Starburst Christmas Tree Topper by ...Love Maegan

    All this starbursty gorgeousness from nothing more than metallic pipe cleaners? Get. out. Six easy steps are all it takes to create this stunning starburst Christmas tree topper certain to become a holiday favorite!

    Get the full tutorial at ...love Maegan

  • Sparkly Monogram Tree Topper 8 of 10
    DIY Sparkly Monogram Christmas Tree Topper by Brooklyn Limestone

    The holidays are all about family. Celebrate yours with shimmering pride with this DIY sparkly monogram tree topper that costs virtually zilch to make and looks like a million bucks!

    Get the full tutorial at Brooklyn Limestone.

  • Winter Nest Tree Topper 9 of 10
    DIY Anthropologie-inspired Christmas Tree Topper by Memento Designs

    You know how when you spy a designer must-have home accessory and spend days/weeks/months trying to justify the expense because you just can't get the gorgeous find out of your head? And so began the origin of this stunning handmade nest tree topper. With little more than a dream and inspiration from Anthropologie's Mythic Nest Tree Topper (retailing for *gulp* $428), this gorgeous winter nest tree topper was created with craft items from around the house!

    Get the full tutorial at Memento Designs

  • Bow Tree Topper 10 of 10

    Look you guys, a giant bow (the best kind), with glitter stars and gold and whimsy and magic and cheer! This tree topper looks like a rockin' holiday party that everyone will want to be a part of!

    Get the full tutorial at Kristen's Creations

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