A Baby Bath Even Goldilocks Would Approve Of

Like me, you probably remember those days of shopping for baby essentials to be a bit tiresome. There was one particular mission when I was on a hunt for a baby bath. The gear guy at the store looked me dead in the eye and said. “Well, miss, there’s no such thing as the perfect tub.”

Determined to prove him wrong, I went on a mad quest to find the perfect one. But alas, he was right. This one lasts only two months. This one’s too big. This one’s too bulky and so on and so on. After advising me to buy one bath for every 6 months of my son’s life, I walked out with something that lasted for about a month at best.

But washing my son in our bathtub was just not an option. As a city dweller at that time living in a Junior 4, we only had one bath to go around and I couldn’t in all that’s holy, terrified and paranoid about motherhood, plop him in there. So there we were, going through one tub after the other looking for the holy grail of baths.

Of course, I had heard about the Flexibath before. It was the stuff of baby design legend, mocking me with its shiny colors and foldable design. But good luck getting your hands on it. As with most amazing gear that I coveted, the Euros were ahead of the curve yet again. Not available in the US. Coming soon. The websites kept taunting me. I prayed that it would be available before my son’s high school graduation. Alas, our Flexibath dream was not to be.

So imagine my glee when I found out that this marvel of bath engineering has just now been released to yee American huddled masses.

Read on to see it fold…

Yes, it’s here. On US soil! With three colors to choose from and an easy fold that allows it to collapse in seconds and out of your line of sight, it really is worth all the anticipation.

And while I may never get to experience the joy of using it until I muster up the courage to have a second child, feel free to consider my loss your gain. Just don’t forget to post here and flaunt your very good fortune!

Photos: Flexibath

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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