A DIY Pendant Light To Die For

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I don’t think of myself as especially glamorous or girly. In fact, I think of myself as leaning a little more on the tomboy side. Give me a pair of jeans, some comfortable flats or boots, and a loose top any day! But every now and then, my feminine side peeks its head out, and this DIY pendant light is one of those feminine times for me. The ladies over at A Beautiful Mess must have a way of reading my mind because this pendant light is perfect. It’s pretty, fun, and textured while not being at all over the top or out of place in the space it is in.

Do you notice this space? It’s not girly at all! In fact, it’s a tad masculine, if anything. With the black walls (love), the pops of white furniture, and the totally neutral but awesome rug, the room overall is kind of minimal. Don’t get me wrong, I love minimal, but it’s not what someone would expect for a room with a feather pendant light in it! But the lamp absolutely works. It looks amazing! I love the feathery texture of the light against the black wall backdrop of the room. But it doesn’t stand out too much either. The white feathers go great with the white table and chairs to make it flow really well. It sticks out just the right amount if you ask me. I think this light would go in so many different rooms! Obviously, here it is rocking the dining room setting. Even if you use different colors or overall style aesthetics, the light would most likely fit in great. I think this light would look amazing in a fun home office, or a little girls room. Can you imagine this in a baby girl’s nursery? Perfection! The point is, the lamp is awesome and would look fantastic in just about any room in the house. Living room, dining room, office, or entry way. If your space is in need of a bit of pretty fun, consider this DIY!

If you look at this pendant light and are thinking to yourself “Wow, that looks amazing, but there is no way I could do that.” Well then you would be wrong. Dead wrong! I thought the same thing when I first saw a picture of it, but after looking at the full tutorial, it is totally doable. So doable I am considering making a bunch of them to gift to people as housewarming gifts! Of course, they would have to be so close to me that they know me and my style and can trust me that the light would look incredible in their brand new home. But seriously, if you think you couldn’t make this light, just try it! It is way easier to make than it looks! So if you are in need of a great pendant light, do yourself a favor and try this one! I am pretty sure you will love it.


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