A Smaller Crib. Because Babies are Tiny.

A few years ago, sometime between baby 4 and baby 5, we happened upon an old hotel crib. It was in great shape, so we took it home, scrubbed it up and had a foam mattress made for it. It immediately became my favorite crib ever. Here’s why. These days, hotel cribs are universally one brand or another of pack-n-plays. But a decade or so ago, hotel cribs had wood slats and legs with wheels. They were very much a traditional crib, but with a substantially smaller footprint.

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That smaller size makes all the difference in a tight or awkward space. With my hotel crib, I had all sorts of new options as far as room configurations went. And it was easy to move the crib through doorways and into different areas. Suddenly, I could see how a walk-in closet could become a temporary nursery. Or, how my older daughters could share a bedroom with the baby without losing space for a dresser or desk.

But those old school hotel cribs can be really hard to find.┬áSo I was pleased to see that Bloom had come out with a new crib. It’s called Alma and it has a pleasingly narrow shape. Perfect for apartments or shared bedrooms. Or twins!

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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