A Whimsical World of Wall Stickers

I don’t think I’ve yet to see as cute a wall sticker collection for children’s rooms as these from Jelanié. Designed by Love Mae, each set of wall stickers is packaged as a group, but you can let your kids’ imagination run wild and mix and match to create a wall design of their very own making. Leave in, or leave out as many stickers as you like to create as simple, or wild a wall design as you like.

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**Twitters wall stickers above available from Jelanié.

  • Oh Deer 1 of 10
    Oh Deer
    The Oh Deer sticker set comes with a menagerie of animals and forestry to create your own whimsical woods.
    Available from Jelanié, 74.95 €.
  • Some Trees for Your Forest 2 of 10
    Some Trees for Your Forest
    You can mix and match the Build A Tree and Forest Critters sets to create a more elaborate forest scene.
    Available from Jelanié, 89.95 €.
  • Keep it Simple 3 of 10
    Keep it Simple
    Or, just use a few stickers from the Oh Deer sticker set and decorate beneath a shelf or small nook.
    Available from Jelanié, 74.95 €.
  • It’s A Tea Party 4 of 10
    It's A Tea Party
    The Tea Time sticker set comes complete with everything you need for the perfect tea party - teapots, teacups and cupcakes!
    Available from Jelanié, 74.50 €.
  • Winter Dress Up Doll 5 of 10
    Winter Dress Up Doll
    Like paper dolls for your walls, the Winter Dress Up Kit is designed to mix and match hairdo's and outfits.
    Available from Jelanié, 39.95€.
  • For Boys & Girls 6 of 10
    For Boys & Girls
    You can change up these boys & girls outfits as much as you like - there's even antlers and beards!
    Available from Jelanié, 89.95€.
  • Flying Twitters 7 of 10
    Flying Twitters
    Add these sweet Flying Twitters to the Build A Tree stickers and create a whimsical headboard.
    Available from Jelanié, 39.95€.
  • Tweet Them to Sleep 8 of 10
    Tweet Them to Sleep
    Scatter a few song birds about to frame a bassinet or bookshelf.
    Available from Jelanié, 39.95€.
  • Up Up And Away 9 of 10
    Up Up And Away
    The Up Up and Away sticker set is perfect for a young boy's room - and make the perfect fun frame for DIY bookshelves.
    Available from Jelanié, 89.95€.
  • Sweet Dreams 10 of 10
    Sweet Dreams
    Placed high on child's bedroom as a ceiling border the Up Up And Away set is simply adorable.
    Available from Jelanié, 89.95€.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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