Adorable Backpacks for Toddlers

I remember shopping for a little backpack for my toddler son and coming up empty-handed on every excursion.  It seemed like all of the backpacks in the stores were as big as my son and really all I wanted was something to make him feel “big”, not be “big”.  I hoped for a backpack that would fit him just right, hold his favorite treasures, and be well-designed.  To date, this is the only line of backpacks I’ve ever found that fit that entire description…aren’t they adorable?  Think: holiday road trips / long plane trips / future Christmas gift for that cute kid of your!

Here’s where you can find these precious backpacks:

Mini Jake
– they carry the full line of Dante Beatrix backpacks including a rabbit, bumble bee, and ladybug motif (cute for girls!).  Here are my absolute favorites though and while they are pretty much all unisex, they would be particularly cute for a little boy.  Finally…something cute for our little boys!

Lion – $42 / Dinosaur – $42 / Robot – $42

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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