All white or all wrong?

When it comes to walls, I’m firmly in the “Oh, let’s just paint them white” corner – white’s a crispy fresh foundation for anything and everything, it makes other color POP, I can repaint easily (and cheaply!) as needed: it’s the big fat Duh of Decorating, but I love it (one less thing to think about right?).

So in each new place we move into I paint every little thing white, and we’re good to go. Until our most recent move, when The Squirrel (my nine-year old daughter, Yasmin) got Her Own Room for the very first time, which brought out her inner Dorothy Draper and all her ferocious fabulosity. For about six months now The Squirrel has endured the white walls (but look – it’s pretty right? She loves that firework light even more than I do), but the start of summer has brought out some very specific and suddenly urgent season-related color requests – she wants a pool blue, or a sunny sky blue, or this bikini-top blue, please – “It’s just blue Mom, it’s your favorite color too”. We’ve been having Saturday dates at our local Home Depot, spent Sunday mornings looking for inspiration online, she’s been sticking swatches up with tape above her bed.

For about five weeks now I’ve been putting her off. It’s not that I’m afraid of color, quite the opposite: I think I’m afraid it may be thing that flips my “Decorator” switch on for good, and you know how that ends – matching end tables and symmetrical sconces and whimsical objet. Ack! Help! My q to you : Should I just let her pick and paint?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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