Always Have a Clean House! Here’s How…

We all want to have a clean home ALL THE TIME, but that can seem like an impossible goal. Here’s how to always have a clean house all the time; it’s easier than you might think!

The notion of ‘spring cleaning’ is to power your way through your whole house, cleaning the unseen areas and de-cluttering your living space during a time when nature is also being reborn outside. However, spring cleaning is not necessarily something that should be done just once a year. It can be more effective to stay in the spring cleaning frame of mind all year around.

Here are some new ways to keep your home mostly clutter-free and clean … all the time!

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  • Designate a Monthly Room to Clean 2 of 6

    There are twelve months to each year. Set aside one day or weekend a month to fully tackle one room. If you have twelve rooms in your house, this will work out nicely. If not, you'll have to do some math. The designated room should be cleaned from top to bottom, making necessary repairs or upgrades along the way. This is not only a time-saving method for staying on top of household cleaning and maintenance, it is also more cost-effective because you will be able to estimate the cost of cleanup/fix up and have plenty of heads-up time to save. 

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  • Make a Junk Box Available 3 of 6
    junk box

    A few well-placed laundry hampers in rooms around your home can become the designated ‘junk drop off point' for your family. When you or your family come across an object they no longer want or need, they can place it in the basket while they are dealing with it. When your collection basket reaches full capacity, take action right away to donate it, junk it, or sell it. 

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  • Proactively Clean Drawers/Closets 4 of 6

    Kids especially tend to have messy dressers and closet spaces because of how fast they outgrown their clothing. Make a point to visit their rooms armed with two trash bags: one for collecting good clothing for donation or hand-me-downs and one to collect stained, torn clothing for household rags. Do this quarterly to coincide with the change of seasons and make sure to drop off donations on the same day rather than let the bag sit in your basement for the next few years.

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  • Shelve Up Your Basement/Attic 5 of 6

    The basement or attic is usually the household hold-all and often the most cluttered space in the home. Increase your chances of staying organized by investing in sturdy utility shelving or building your own. It may take some time to get it all together but you will end up with an effective way to organize your seasonal items and overflow which will save you money and time in the long run.

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  • Invest in Quality Storage Supplies 6 of 6

    In addition to the utility shelving, invest some money into quality storage supplies like lidded tubs. When you have to put items in storage, you'll be assured they are protected and much easier to find. Mark each tub with its contents written out on masking tape and permanent marker, both on the top and the side of the tub for easy access later. 

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