Amelia Earhart Inspired Kids Wear

Woven Play Aviator HoodThis weekend we spent a night at a hotel. And while I never let my son watch TV in bed, circumstances required us to find a way, any way to get through the night. No matter what we did or how tired he was, he just wouldn’t sleep in his portable crib. So on the TV went. After going through all the stations, I finally fell upon Amelia Earhart and I thought it was the perfect movie for him to fall asleep to. Little did I know, he would stay up and watch the whole thing while I was fast asleep.

Cut to Halloween night…

As a long-time last minute kind of mom, I had no costume for the little guy as usual. I did however have some trusty A. Bird Baby Ryder Pants, a Le Top aviator hat, boots and a leather jacket. Fortunately, he had just seen the movie and the idea of going as the male version of Amelia Earhart/the Aviator was quite appealing to him and myself. So if you’re in a pinch this year or next, here’s how to get the look.

Le Top Aviator Hat

A. Bird Ryder Pant

Le Top Aviator Jacket

From top to bottom. 1. Wovenplay Aviator Hat 2. Le Top Aviator Hat 3. A. Bird Ryder Pant 4. Le Top Aviator Jacket

Wear it all year round for a look that transcends Halloween and pushes the style envelope.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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