An Easy, Last-Minute, Hilarious Baby Costume

halloween costume ideas

Halloween is 16 days away, which means time is ticking to decide on a baby costume this year. All of the good costumes are starting to empty the shelves, and do you really have the time to handmake anything? If you’re looking for an infant costume that’s quick and easy, but also show-stopping and awesome, we have the perfect solution for you.

“The Donald” wig.

Look, you can really dress him in whatever you want (although a suit seems appropriate) and your little boy will still look unbelievably hilarious. The company called Baby Toupee makes more itty bitty wigs that are just as funny.

Click through to see more baby costume wigs:

halloween costume idea

Samuel L. Jackson

halloween costume idea

Bob Marley

halloween costume ideas

Lil’ Kim. (Although we might suggest using the pink wig for something other than portraying a Hip Hop star known for her over-the-top, barely-there outfit choices. Just a thought.)

Each baby wig sells for $21.99 and fits babies 1 – 9 months.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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