Anthropologie Hack: Feather-Festooned Centerpiece

Anthropologie HackAnthropologie is your shopping mecca. You have all their swoon-worthy holiday decor memorized by product name but can’t seem to hand over your credit card. That Feather-Festooned Centerpiece you saw displayed in the shop is oh so gorgeous, but $78? But it’s so pretty! Worry not, for I have a DIY version that’s a fraction of the cost and even more beautiful than the real thing (if I do say so myself).

The best part about it? Using items you already have in your home will save money and add a personal touch — like that apothecary jar filled with candy or cotton balls, gold spray paint for crafting, and ribbon from gift wrapping. It will cost you about $28 if you don’t have many of the supplies, plus, you’ll have extras left over to create gold-tipped feather ornaments.*

In no time, have yourself a fancy schmancy Anthro-inspired centerpiece that will wow your guests, come holiday party. For the step-by-step tutorial, read on …

Feather-Festooned Centerpiece


  • apothecary jars (cloche or bell jars will work too)
  • frosted glass spray
  • 3 feathers (I used Guinea fowl feathers; plus extra for ornaments*)
  • gold spray
  • gold glitter spray
  • rubber band or hair tie
  • clear glass glue
  • velvet ribbon (black preferred)


1. Frost the lid

Make sure the surface of your jar is clean and dry. Hold the can 5″ away and spray the inside three times. Wait five minutes for it to dry, then repeat. Repeat all steps for the outside.116

2. Create gold-tipped feathers

Cover three feathers with paper (we used printer paper), exposing the tips.* Hold down the paper with your hands and spray the gold paint about 6″ away. Wait five minutes for them to dry. Turn feathers around and spray the backs. Make sure to secure all paper underneath as the force of the spray may blow it away.

*Get crafty by cutting out shapes in the paper to vary the tips. You can also make more feathers for ornaments (see article for instructions).26

3. Dry the feathers

Wait five minutes for the backs to dry. How beautiful …43

4. Create gold glitter-tipped feathers

Add glitter to the tips using the same method, only this time using a gold glitter spray. Let dry for an additional 30 minutes.32

5. Secure feathers

Next, secure your three feathers tightly with a rubber band or hair tie.

6. Glue feathers to lid

Add glue to the inside of the lid, then to the tip of the feathers. Place the feathers into the lid and hold down for a few minutes. Then, let them sit for at least two hours to dry (we recommend overnight, just to be safe).83

7. Add ribbon

Once your glue has dried, place the feathered lid on top of your jar, letting the feathers hang inside. Then, cut 2′ of velvet ribbon and cut a “v” at the ends, to make them more elegant. Finally, tie a big bow around the lid.117

8. Voila … your centerpiece!

And you’re done!122Tips: There will be overspray when using the spray paint. Always spray in a well-ventilated outdoor area, wear gloves (unless you want a free gold glitter manicure) and clothes you don’t care about, and cover all valuable surfaces.

*Make a few extra gold-tipped feathers for ornaments. Simply wrap with 6″ 24-gauge wire, create a loop, and you’ve got festive and (almost) free gifts!Anthropologie Hack

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