15 Stylish Gallery Walls Already Curated for You

Do you love gallery walls but never know how to select work and put them together? Artfully Walls has your back. This fun new site not only offers some great prints, they also have selected a variety of galleries, pre-configured and ready to go. You can scroll through their collections by room, by color, by price, and more. With a huge variety of styles, all very well-curated, there’s sure to be something for that blank space you’ve been wondering how to fill.

  • Artfully Walls 1 of 16

    Longing for a well-curated gallery of your own? Look no further, I've selected 15 of my favorites here from Artfully Walls. 

  • The Fall Wall 2 of 16

    A charming collection of small canvases. 

    From Artfully Walls, $126.50

  • Contemporary Breeze 3 of 16

    Abstract mixed media, with a nice mix of linear and horizontal pieces. 

    From Artfully Walls, $427 (framed). 

  • Atmospheric Tones 4 of 16

    For those looking for a monochromatic wall with sparse but natural form. 

    From Artfully Walls, $355 (framed). 

  • Getaways 5 of 16

    Abstract landscapes in soothing colors. 

    From Artfully Walls, $294 (framed).

  • Black and White 6 of 16

    Bold and graphic, a perfect feature wall. 

    From Artfully Walls, $571 (framed). 

  • Urban Graffiti 7 of 16

    Colorful, with intricate detail. 
    From Artfully Walls, $320 (framed). 

  • Uniquely Pink 8 of 16

    Charming, natural, and sophisticated enough to grow with your child. 

    From Artfully Walls, $437 (framed).

  • Interiors 9 of 16

    Add a little pop and pattern without installing crazy carpet. 

    From Artfully Walls, $370. 

  • Transportation 10 of 16

    If your little one can't get enough of planes and automobiles, you've just found the perfect gallery. 

    From Artfully Walls, $550 (framed).

  • Poetic Wall 11 of 16

    My favorite of the bunch, with it's pinks and the pensive portrait. 

    From Artfully Walls, $450 (framed).

  • Revel in Red 12 of 16

    For those that need a little bold color in their gallery. 

    From Artfully Walls, $980 (framed).

  • Sweet and Spice 13 of 16

    Perfect compliments, with negative and positive spaces. 

    From Artfully Walls, $260 (framed). 

  • Sweet Gallery 14 of 16

    This unique collection grows with your child, from infant to teen, with sweet fantastical images and natural illustrations. 

    From Artfully Walls, $520. 

  • Bugs! 15 of 16

    If you have to find a beetle in the house ... 

    From Artfully Walls, $280 (framed). 

  • Landscapes 16 of 16

    Grouped together to showcase a variety of styles, united by a common theme. 

    From Artfully Walls, $540 (framed).

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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