Astrological Home Design Planning with the Stars

Literally. The stars.

So, turns out astrological home design is totally a thing. I like to think I’m pretty good at figuring out what our home needs and how to place it, but some days even I am at a loss. Next time though, I’m going to consult the stars for my next steps in home decor. (You guys probably all do that already right? I’m always just behind the trend). Inspired by this article from Apartment Therapy I’ve put together 12 rooms inspired by the astrological home decor suggestions of Mystic Medusa. And, spoiler alert, I found the one for my sign IN MY HOUSE.

  • Decorate According to Your Zodiac Sign 1 of 13
    Decorate According to Your Zodiac Sign


    Or not so seriously? You be the judge…

  • Aries in Primaries 2 of 13

    Aries apparently crave simplicity and primary colors. I've left out the accessories and coffee table while keeping everything red, yellow and blue.

    Chair and art from Room and Board, sofa from Urban Outfitters.

  • Comfortable Taurans 3 of 13

    Taurans crave comfort above all, and with the Ligne Roset Togo, you need never leave your sofa. Add some 500 thread count sheets to your home just in case you do though.

    Sofa, Ligne Roset, $3300. Sheets, The Company Store, from $46. 

  • The Gemini Power Shower 4 of 13

    I'm not entirely sure what a "power shower" is, but I guess Geminis need one to "be fresh." This seems to fit the bill.

    Shower design from Remains Lighting.

  • Cancers’ Well Stocked Pantry 5 of 13

    Cancers require nourishment, or at least the ability to nourish, at all times. They also need this nourishment to be highly organized. Martha and The Container Store can hook you up, organizing your astrological requirements.

    Pantry found on Martha Stewart, fridge organization via The Container Store.

  • Liberace Leo 6 of 13

    Apparently you "cannot go too over the top" for Leos, so I apologize if this seems restrained. I did try. 

    Mood board for Liberace's living room from House to Home.

  • Organized Virgo 7 of 13

    "Nothing soothes the often savagely-frayed nerves of our Virgo like brilliant, genius storage, most particularly a professionally done wardrobe area."

    Ok, fine. Yes, that's my closet. Yes, it kinda fits the description. Your point?

    Closet organization (including somewhat nerdy organizing sketch) at Making It Lovely

  • Libra Spa 8 of 13

    Libra's experience "major melancholy" if their space contains a "crap sink". Go all out and create a soothing, spacious spa. And please don't mind me, I'll just be moving in too. What? I'm almost a Libra. 

    Spa inspiration from House Beautiful


  • Scandanavian Scorpio 9 of 13

    Scorpios need a theme and if you must pick a theme, I say go Scandi. 

    Inspiration from A Merry Mishap

  • The Eclectic Sagittarian 10 of 13

    Sagis (we're close, I can call them that) are eclectic travelers. You can't possibly bind them up in one style. You know the type: "You see this chair? I found it in Pilsen. It's just perfect with the rug I brought home from my last trip…"

    Inspiration room via Marie Claire Maison

  • Capricorns: Quality over Quantity 11 of 13

    Capricorns are particular about quality and willing to go without to get it. If you've found the perfect dining room table or lamp, you want just the right chairs to go with, right?

    Inspiration room via Jayson Home & Garden

  • The Aquarian from the Future 12 of 13

    Aquarians adopt new technology so advanced it hasn't been invented yet. That's right, they already have a Star Trek Replicator. And their houses resemble a space ship. So cool, those Aquarians. 

    Inspiration via.

  • Pisces’ Before and After 13 of 13

    Pisces float with the wind, likely to toss everything and start over. If you're tempted, check in with Karen who did just that. I don't know her sign, but I have a hunch...

    Before and After from The Art of Doing Stuff

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