Baby Bandanas

I was at a mommy and baby yoga class the other day and when we were all packing up our babies to head back out into a beautiful sunny day, one of the moms put a pink bandana on her baby girl’s head instead of the ubiquitous sun bonnet. It looked so chic and also didn’t bother her 6 month old in the least.┬áBaby sun bonnets: in theory, a cute accessory that keeps the sun off baby’s head. In reality, a hat that won’t stay on unless you fasten it under her chin┬áby either an unrealstic tie or scratchy velcro and I haven’t met a baby yet who enjoys that! I remember my oldest daughter, when a little over a year old decided she would NOT wear a sun hat… possibly a glimpse into the future at how stubborn she would become with her fashion choices… and I would be chasing her around the park with spray sunscreen to make sure her very fair and still bald head wouldn’t burn!

A super cute alternative? The bandana. I just bought one on the street for a dollar and washed it a few times to soften it. You just use a regular “adult” size bandana. I tried it out on my 11 week old and she didn’t mind a bit (despite her expression in this photo)!

Click to see some options to buy that I found on line…

a traditional printed bandana, that comes in 16 colors at REI for only $3.50.

or for your super cool little one, a pirate printed one from Amazon, for $7.99.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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