Baby Gifts for Future Geeks

Once upon a time we wanted our children to be the “cool kids” — sitting at the in-crowd lunch table, captain of the cheerleaders, quarterback of the football team. But the up-and-coming generation of parents recognize that it’s way cooler to stand apart from the pack — and time has surely shown that math nerds, computer geeks and science dweebs really shall inherit the earth. These are the children that will one day cure cancer, travel time and make billions upon billions, so let’s not be shy in encouraging a love of all things geek.

Recognize geeky parents and their nerdy offspring with these fantastic baby gift ideas:

If you know geeky parents who would love to raise a geek baby, I can’t imagine they’ll find a better way to mark milestones. This beautiful science-theme keepsake book is the perfect way to record a baby’s early programming languages, gravity experimentations and human development. (Find it at Nerdy Baby, along with other gorgeous geek products like the microscope onesie featured at the top of the page.)

The perfect baby shower gift! These handmade “GeekBaby” quilts from BadBabyQuilts feature rockets, math tools and computer keys rather than rattles, hearts and puppies. Thick, soft and unique — even a non-nerd would love to cuddle up to one of these!

Think Geek is one of the best spots to find gifts for those geeky parents (and kids) in your life. These Star Trek onesies come in four different space traveling titles: Science, Command, Engineering and Cadet. Also check out Think Geek’s futuristic, spill-resistant bowlsYoung Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks and Feeding System (complete with an airplane spoon and runway bib that lights up for landing). For geeky parents, this brilliant First Aid Kit will literally talk them through any injury — from burns to breaks to bites — with recorded step-by-step instructions, so parents don’t have to stop and flip through a manual.

Decorate a nerdy nursery with these handmade and signed prints by Tiffany Ard. Any baby can learn the A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s, but what about astronomy, earth science and prime numbers?

Another great geeky gift idea, these hand-dyed “Computer Geek” burp cloths from laundrymonster feature a circuit board on one and a keyboard on the other.

Bunnies? Teddy bears? Choo Coo Trains? Pssh, so lame. Show the world that you have a curious, analytic, brilliant mind on your hands with this microscope onesie, screenprinted by hand at the Etsy shop HappyFamily.

Any computer programmers in the house? Some might argue that computer code is one of the most valuable foreign languages one can learn — so why not start early? This baby bib is handmade from cotton and chenille, making it super soft and absorbent. Get it from colbylanedesigns.

As for math nerds, these Statistical Burp Cloths will teach babies about distributions while they’re burping up air bubbles. They can also cuddle distributions with these stuffed statistics from NautisticaaDistribution.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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