Baby Shoes Fit for Studio 54

Zuzii Infant ShoesI’ve never considered myself to be a jealous person. There’s always someone who has got something bigger, better, and all around more exciting going on.

Somehow I’ve avoided succumbing to this nasty little emotion, knowing full well that stuff and accolades doesn’t make the world go around and whose ever got “It” is probably miserable anyway. Okay, a girl has to rationalize a little!

So imagine my surprise when the Jelli bug caught me by surprise last week.

There I was, walking along in my sensible flip flops from 2 seasons past when a young tot, a tenth my age, comes sauntering past me in the cutest Boho sandals I’ve ever seen. I mean, is it normal to be jealous of a 3 year old?

Before you answer, remember, you weren’t there and you didn’t see her shoes! While I couldn’t locate exact style, it reminded me of the amazing collection of infant handcrafted shoes from Zuzii

More photos and a giveaway after the jump…

Zuzzi Infant Shoes and Boots

I mean it’s one thing to know that most celebrity tots are better dressed than I am, but a baby? Now this is too much.

Just check out the boots and the sandals pictured here. These  Zuzii creations would be at home at any club or Ibiza yacht party. And of course, they’re made of the best stuff possible: premium leather sole, soft cotton uppers and a special flex-form sole that allows the feet to develop properly.

Zuzii Yellow Sandals

Just remember you’ve been warned! Any mom, however secure, could find herself in a fit of jealousy over these shoes, even on the feet of her own offspring.

Oh and if you weren’t excited enough already, the word on the street is that a toddler line is coming soon.

Zuzii Boots for Infants
>>GIVEAWAY: Comment here about which shoes are your favorites and you could pick up a pair for your future disco queen.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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