Baby’s First Birthday? Here’s an Adorable Moonrise Kingdom-Themed Party Idea


Why do we make 1-year-old birthdays such a big production? Too often I think we get so carried away with decorations, entertainment, and gifts that by the end of it, we are just glad that it is over. To me, the ideal party for a little one would be simple, clean, and fun for the kids. I love the movie Moonrise Kingdom, so when I saw this beautiful and simple birthday party for a 1-year-old that was completely and adorably Moonrise Kingdom-themed, I had to share it here. Everything in this party is perfectly put together and so not over-the-top. It’s just the right amount of simple and fun, which is great for a baby’s first birthday party!

The little arrows have to be my favorite part. They are so colorful, fun, and kid-friendly, and they make for some pretty perfect and festive party decorations. And I am pretty sure they are handmade so there’s another fun element to add to the party. Nothing like some good ol’ DIYs to make the party extra special! They would make for some pretty awesome party favors, too! The invitations are pretty amazing as well. If I received an invite like that in the mail, you better believe I would be RSVPing that same day. I am sure that in years to come, the family will remember this party fondly and so will the guests of the party — especially with such amazing pictures to look back on. See the whole party and more pictures over here on 100 Layer Cakelet. You won’t be sorry you did!


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