Back-to-School Style Ideas For Your Little One's First Day

The first day of school can be a great day for your little one. All of the nerves and excitement can be fun — for mom too! Make sure their first day of school is memorable by making it a stylish one! Shopping and getting ready for the big day helps ease fears and gets kids excited about the school year ahead. With this list of must haves for your little one’s first day of school, they’ll be ready to go and show off their personality and style to their classmates.

  • Shoes 1 of 10
    Sweet shoes are a must for the kiddos to look cool for school. A special pair of "first day" shoes will help make the day memorable for your kid — and are versatile enough to wear the whole year through!
    Buy them here for $88 at J Crew Kids
  • Backpack 2 of 10
    I remember getting so excited to pick out my backpack when I was a kid. I love these bright ones. They're a great way to let your little one's personality shine! The colored zippers add a fun peek of extra color, too.
    Buy one here for $28 at American Apparel
  • Haircut 3 of 10
    Back-to-school hair cuts are important to look stylish for the first day. JC Penney is giving free hair cuts to kids for back to school all through August — so there's still time! Doesn't get much better than a free hair cut that you don't have to do yourself.
    Find out more here
  • Pants 4 of 10
    Whether its jeans, cords, patterned slacks or chinos, pants are an important part of a first day of school get-up. I love these pink cords. So cute!
    Buy them here for $52.50 at J Crew Kids
  • Tees 5 of 10
    The pen(cil) is mightier than the sword (or bazooka!). Graphic tees are a great way for your kid's sense of humor and style to be known to the world.
    Buy this one here for $22 at Gap
  • Suspenders 6 of 10
    If your kid's a budding fashionplate, forego the belts and slap on some stylish suspenders! These ones are an inexpensive option, but you can also get some on eBay for a good deal.
    Buy these here for $5.95 at H&M
  • image-490 7 of 10
  • Accessories 8 of 10
    Little girls' hair may be hard to tame, but add a headband and voila: instant back-to-school chic.
    Get this headband here for $16.50 at J Crew Kids
  • Lunch Box 9 of 10
    Lunch Box
    Ease some back-to-school jitters with a totally awesome lunchbox your child will be psyched to use. These lunch boxes are modern and sleek but also come with stickers so the kids can decorate it with their own style! So cool.
    Buy one here for $22.95 at Lunch
  • First Day Photo Shoot 10 of 10
    First Day Photo Shoot
    My husband has bad memories of his first day of school photo sessions. His mom made him do the most awkward poses! Try something cool with your little one. Shoot them riding their bike, making funny faces, something great showing their personality at that time in their life! Check out these ideas for unique first-day photos.
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