Back to School Supplies (for Adults!)

I’ve been getting a little jealous of everyone getting their school supplies for back to school so I made a little collection of my favorite office supplies for grown ups. While the young ‘uns may get they’re fancy new Trapper Keepers you can get your own set of new fancy gear.

  • Zenith Stapler 1 of 9
    Zenith Stapler
    These come in all sorts of fabulous colors and even though the staples are tiny they can hold together a tax return. The best stapler ever!
  • Tape Dispenser 2 of 9
    Tape Dispenser
    I originally saw this on Hi + Lo and bought one from Uline but they've since stopped carrying it. I found another source linked below. It is so industrial and pretty and holds all my artist tapes.
  • Personalized Pencils 3 of 9
    Personalized Pencils
    If you are going to use pencils you might as well make them colorful and add something clever to the outside.
  • Black & White Twine 4 of 9
    Black & White Twine
    Great for packaging up things and it will last you forever.
  • Handmade Brass Scissors 5 of 9
    Handmade Brass Scissors
    I own four pairs of these and I love them. I take them in with my knives when I sharpen them. They are made to last a lifetime.
  • Alligator Paper Clips 6 of 9
    Alligator Paper Clips
    My favorite are the Alligators but they come in so many great shapes (I'm also partial to the pig.) Sometimes "cute" paper clips don't work as well as the old normal kind but these are very sturdy.
  • J.Herbin Fountain Pen Ink 7 of 9
    J.Herbin Fountain Pen Ink
    Every time I go to the art store I pick up a new color. They look so nice in their little tins all lined up in a row.
  • Japanese Masking Tape 8 of 9
    Japanese Masking Tape
    I love this stuff and use it a lot in packaging or when I'm printing. Plus it is so pretty + shiny.
  • Heart Shaped Hole Punch 9 of 9
    Heart Shaped Hole Punch
    I picked this up from the Martha Stewart Craft section at Michaels. I've since decided all hole punches should be heart shaped.

Get your kids ready, too, with Babble’s best backpacks!

Zenith Stapler

Tape Dispenser

Personalized Pencils

Black and White Twine

Handmade Scissors

Alligator Paper Clips

J Herbin Fountain Pen Ink

Happy Tape

Heart Shaped Hole Punch


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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