Bad Bunny: The 25 Worst Easter Bunnies of All Time

There are some pretty creepy looking Santas out there at Christmas, and a few sketchy leprechauns at St. Patrick’s Day, but nothing quite compares to the terrifying bunnies of Easter. They might not all find their way into your child’s nightmares, and someday might eventually find a place in their hearts – but when you look at these 25 faces of Easter Bunny terror, I’d like you to ask yourself, who’s the baddest bunny of them all?

  • Why Are You Running? 1 of 26
    There's nowhere the Easter Bunny can't find you.
    Spotted at We Heart It.
  • Demonic Bunny 2 of 26
    Whatever you do, don't stare him in the eyes.
    Find out more at Happy Place.
  • Just a Happy Little Sunday 3 of 26
    Or a scar your kid forever kind of Sunday.
    Find out more at Buzz Feed.
  • Blast from the Past 4 of 26
    And we think the Easter bunnies we use now can be scary.
    Find out more at Art Biker World.
  • Design Fail or Win? 5 of 26
    Either it's terrible that someone designed the scariest bunny, or it's kind of amazing. I can't decide.
    Find out more at Happy Place.
  • Bunny Treats 6 of 26
    Eat up little lady.
    Find out more at Tumblr.
  • Where to Begin? 7 of 26
    This is all bad news. Kids, you're supposed to be screaming and running!
    Find out more at Daily Caller.
  • That is One Proud Mother 8 of 26
    And one totally humiliated son.
    Find out more at Awkward Family Photos.
  • Melted Bunny 9 of 26
    Looks like this horrific bunny put his face too close to the flame.
    Find out more at Happy Place.
  • So Wrong 10 of 26
    On so many levels.
    Find out more at Get Cynical.
  • I Take that Back 11 of 26
    This is so wrong.
    Find out more at World Wide Interweb.
  • That’s the Easter Bunny? 12 of 26
    Don't think we'll be doing Easter this year if we have to look forward to this coming into our home.
    Spotted at Roy's World.
  • You’re Onto Something Kid 13 of 26
    At least she knows something is up with this crazy looking rabbit with fingerless gloves on.
    Spotted at Guide Spot.
  • Bunny from Space 14 of 26
    Props to the child that could crack a smile while sitting on this bunny's lap.
    Find out more at The Witch Hunt.
  • A Hot Pink… 15 of 26
    Rainbow Burst of Terrifying.
    Spotted at Happy Place.
  • Whatever You Do Kid 16 of 26
    Don't touch that carrot.
    Find out more at Happy Place.
  • Bunny’s Always Laughing 17 of 26
    At your misery.
    Spotted at Daily Mail.
  • Run for Your Life! 18 of 26
    Ha! You ain't goin' nowhere.
    Find out more at Daily Mail.
  • Total Chaos 19 of 26
    Good going bunny.
    Find out more at Ellen.
  • So We Went to the County Jail 20 of 26
    And had our daughter take a picture with a criminal dressed as the Easter Bunny. Happy Easter!
    Find out more at International Business Times.
  • Sleepy Bunny 21 of 26
    This bunny had one too many drinks.
    Spotted at Popthomology.
  • Get That Baby to her Mama 22 of 26
    Oh wait, her mother is the one that put her in his arms.
    Find out more at Popthomology.
  • A Day At the Rink 23 of 26
    You should definitely put your child next to a ratty looking Easter Bunny for the sake of a photo.
    Find out more at Bit Rebels.
  • One Big Happy Family 24 of 26
    And that was the last time Jenny and Jack were ever seen again. Totally kidding, kind of.
    Spotted at Bit Rebels.
  • They Got it Right 25 of 26
    Bring bunny down to child-size level and everything is hunky dory.
    Find out more at Wip Wap Web.
  • Bunny’s Death Grip of Doom (Bonus Photo!) 26 of 26
    Because this was too good not to pass up.

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