Baskets + Bins: 25 Stylish Ways to Organize!

Organizing doesn’t have to look completely utilitarian! Consider buying storage vessels that add to the visual impact of your home. A gold-tinged basket, handmade cotton bin, or a Danish wire basket can all double as art and storage!

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  • White Belly Baskets 2 of 26

    Handwoven in Indonesia, these white washed baskets will hold toys, art projects, or farmers market finds!

    $98 at Serena & Lily.

  • Toy Bins 3 of 26

    Keep toys totally organized with these numbered canvas crates.

    $12.95 each at Land of Nod.

  • Rolling Crates 4 of 26

    These clever crates will hold studio supplies, old mementos, or toys.

    $88-$118 at Serena & Lily.

  • Woven Bins 5 of 26

    Add texture to a room with these woven bins. They work well as rubbish bins or to organize papers and projects.

    £26.00 at Rockett St. George.

  • Brass Wire Basket 6 of 26

    Display this lovely brass wire basket as art on a mantle or use it to hold fruit.

    £59.00 at Rockett St. George.

  • Laminated Cotton Basket 7 of 26

    This blue and white striped basket is made in France from laminated cotton. It easily folds up!

    $150 at Cloth & Goods.

  • Woodchip Basket 8 of 26

    Have a small space? Hang these baskets on the wall for easy storage!

    £24.00 at Rockett St. George.

  • Galvanized Bins 9 of 26

    Use these little metal bins for bathroom, kitchen or office storage!

    $29 at Pottery Barn.

  • Leather and Gingham Tray 10 of 26

    Keep loose change, keys and other little pesky objects in this clever little leather tray. 

    $150 at Kauffman Mercantile. 

  • Canvas Bins 11 of 26

    This canvas bins are perfect for laundry!

    $65 at See Jane Work.

  • Modern Baskets 12 of 26

    Organize your office with these modern baskets perfect for holding paper work, magazines, and more.

    $39 - $89 at West Elm

  • Silver Baskets 13 of 26

    Make organizing fun with by painting your own glittery baskets!

    DIY at Martha Stewart.

  • Linen Baskets 14 of 26
    Storage_bin Waterproof large

    This charming linen basket is surprisingly water resistant! It comes in handy for bathroom storage!

    $29 at Down That Little Lane.

  • Recycled Tire Basket 15 of 26

    Store firewood or newspapers in this modern basket made from recycled tires.

    39 Euros at Milk & Paper.

  • Gold Baskets 16 of 26

    Storage has never been more sophisticated!

    More info at Milk & Paper.

  • Pretty Boxes 17 of 26

    These sumptuous boxes from Denmark will make your desk look sleek and help you organize too!

    £40.00 at Present and Correct. 

  • Spanish Baskets 18 of 26
    Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 11.07.47 AM

    Handwoven in Spain, this basket features a longer handle, for easy over-the-shoulder transport!

    £40.00 at Hedgehog.

  • Metal Shopping Basket 19 of 26
    Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 11.10.19 AM

    Even your littles can join  in the organizing fun with this cute little metal basket! It also makes a fun toy for kids who want to play grocery shopping!

    £6.90 at Hedgehog.

  • Berry Baskets 20 of 26

    Organize everything from food to office supplies with these charming berry baskets!

    $15 on Etsy.

  • Vintage Locker Baskets 21 of 26
    vintage locker basket

    Store cleaning supplies, magazines or clothes in these old locker baskets. 

    $26 at Etsy.

  • Market Basket 22 of 26
    Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 11.11.37 AM

    Handmade in Ghana, this basket is perfect for trips to the market!

    More info at Woonwinkel.

  • Wire Baskets 23 of 26
    Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 11.16.04 AM

    These gorgeous wire baskets are made of powder coated steel. From Denmark.

    $105 at Woonwinkel.

  • Canvas Organizers 24 of 26

    These canvas organizers are great for laundry!

    $45 at Schoolhouse Electric.

  • Striped Canvas Bin 25 of 26

    Made in Canada from 100% cotton canvas, this bin makes a great storage vessel for towels or bathroom products.

    $86 at Canvas.

  • Cotton Basket 26 of 26

    This gorgeous cotton baskets are made by artist, Doug Johnson.

    $74 at Alder and Co

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