Bathroom Storage And Organization: 21 Smart Solutions!

The bathroom seems to be a major offender when it comes to lack of organization and storage. For a room that gets as much traffic as this one does, there has to be a better way! I’ve gathered together 21 excellent bathroom storage and organization ideas below to help you keep your loo in tip top shape!

  • Crates Turned Storage 1 of 21
    Crates Turned Storage
    Take advantage of that often neglected above toilet space with some re-purposed crates turned into shelving.
    Details here from Sunnys Blog
  • Adjustable Height Shelves 2 of 21
    Adjustable Height Shelves
    Figuring out how to fit all your toiletries on the shelf can be a real problem. Make sure your vanity has adjustable shelves to take care of that!
    via BHG
  • Back Of Door Under Sink Storage 3 of 21
    Back Of Door Under Sink Storage
    Install small cubbies on the back of cabinet doors for extra storage!
    via Parentables
  • Freestanding Shelves 4 of 21
    Freestanding Shelves
    Adding some freestanding shelves on either side of your bathroom sink can help with storage immensely!
    via Better Homes and Gardens
  • Pull-Out Door 5 of 21
    Pull-Out Door
    No vanity in sight? Have a cool pull out shelf installed like this one.
    via BHG
  • Middle Of Mirror Shelving 6 of 21
    Middle Of Mirror Shelving
    Break up that long bathroom mirror by adding shelving for storage and organization in-between.
    via Design Sponge
  • Drawer Dividers 7 of 21
    Drawer Dividers
    Ugh, bathroom drawers can become such a dumping ground. Keep things need and organized with handy drawer dividers instead.
    Martha Stewart
  • Floating Storage 8 of 21
    Floating Storage
    Here's a modern solution to a bathroom storage problem: install a floating shelf underneath the sink. Stylish and functional!
    via Better Homes and Gardens
  • Hand Towel Storage 9 of 21
    Hand Towel Storage
    I've seen these kinds of pullouts used in kitchens, but in a bathroom makes just as much sense!
    via Better Homes and Gardens
  • homedit-glass-front-cabinets-under-double-sink 10 of 21
    These pretty glass front cabinets are a great addition to that oversized sink and cabinet area and yay for extra storage!
    via Homedit
  • Ladder Storage 11 of 21
    Ladder Storage
    Tired of towels taking up the lion's share of room? Take things vertical by using a ladder for towel storage instead.
    via BHG
  • Lazy Susan 12 of 21
    Lazy Susan
    Using a lazy susan is a great idea for organizing medications.
    via Better Homes and Gardens
  • Toiletry Tool Storage 13 of 21
    Toiletry Tool Storage
    Wrangle all those random toiletries like cotton balls, sponges, and q-tips with this great DIY storage idea.
    tutorial here from Lovely LIttle Details
  • Magazine Container Storage For Hair Tools 14 of 21
    Magazine Container Storage For Hair Tools
    This blogger took a wooden magazine container from IKEA and hung it using Command strips to store her hair tools. Pretty smart!
    details here from The Suels
  • Door Mounted Towel Racks 15 of 21
    Door Mounted Towel Racks
    Seems like towels hanging on hooks never get quite dry so I think mounting a towel rack on the door instead is a pretty great way to remedy that while making the most out of your space.
    via Martha Stewart
  • High Shelves And Storage 16 of 21
    High Shelves And Storage
    Take advantage of that space above and hang some over head storage for extra towels and supplies.
    via Martha Stewart
  • More Toiletry Storage 17 of 21
    More Toiletry Storage
    Attach flat backed cups to the back of a cabinet door to keep toiletries in check.
    via Martha Stewart
  • Pull-Out Laundry Bin 18 of 21
    Pull-Out Laundry Bin
    No room for a hamper? How about installing a pull-out bin instead?
    via Better Homes and Gardens
  • PVC Pipe Hair Tool Storage 19 of 21
    PVC Pipe Hair Tool Storage
    Here's another great way to effectively store and organize your curling and flat irons. PVC pipe, genius!
    details from Family Handy Man here
  • Use That False Cabinet Space! 20 of 21
    Use That False Cabinet Space!
    That false cabinet spot that comes with most vanities is so pointless. Have it replaced with a tilt drawer like this instead!
    via BHG
  • Wall Mount Storage 21 of 21
    Wall Mount Storage
    In a small space it's just not logical to bring in extra cabinets and furniture, so why not mount them on the wall instead? Add some hooks for extra hanging storage!
    via Better Homes and Gardens

*lead image via Zsa Zsa Bellagio

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