Beautiful Handcrafted Jewelry (10 Favorites!)

I’ve never been super into jewelry so when I do wear it, I am really picky about what I like. I know a lot of amazing jewelry makers here in Portland and I thought it would be fun to share some of their work. Here are a few favorites from Portland and beyond for every budget!

  • Stackable Rings 1 of 10
    Stackable Rings
    These gorgeous stackable rings are made in an organic shape that makes for a lovely and simple statement. Handmade in Portland, Oregon.
    $18 at Favor.
  • Neon Bracelets 2 of 10
    Neon Bracelets
    These neon bracelets actually have a customizable morse code section in gold!
    $30 at Coatt.
  • Simple Ring 3 of 10
    Simple Ring
    This simple but gorgeous ring comes in silver or gold, you pick the stone!
    $23 at Mary John.
  • Mother’s Day Necklace 4 of 10
    Mother's Day Necklace
    This neon, morse code necklace spells out, "mom"! Such a fun gift for Mother's Day!
    $40 at Coatt.
  • Triangle Dipped Earrings 5 of 10
    Triangle Dipped Earrings
    A trendy little piece that's not overdone, these dipped triangular earrings are a fun everyday earring.
    $10 at Petite Co..
  • Elipse Necklace 6 of 10
    Elipse Necklace
    This handcrafted necklace by Kiersten Crowley is made of sterling silver with a tiny green tourmaline.
    $72 at Urban Weeds.
  • Crescent Necklace 7 of 10
    Crescent Necklace
    This handmade bronze necklace is a gorgeous and versatile piece to have in your jewelry box!
    $102 at Bevin.
  • Fox Necklace 8 of 10
    Fox Necklace
    This gorgeous draping chain is adjustable from 16- 18 inches long. It makes a gorgeous statement with a simple outfit.
    $128 at Urban Weeds.
  • Stacking Bangles 9 of 10
    Stacking Bangles
    These simple stacking bangles are a great everyday piece and can be ordered in different sizes. Handmade in Oregon.
    $40 at Amy Wing.
  • Triangle Necklace 10 of 10
    Triangle Necklace
    Vintage silver bars have been stacked in a triangle shape on a brass chain for a super cool necklace everyone will be commenting on!
    $130 at AK Vintage.

All photos by respective sources. Top photo: AK Vintage.

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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