Best and Worst Cartoons of the '90s

Being a younger mother, all of the great ’80s cartoons (ALF, Rainbow Brite, Fraggle Rock) are all vague memories from toddlerhood. My best cartoon memories — the memories of my childhood — are from the great cartoons of the ’90s: Rugrats, Doug, Hey Arnold, Daria, etc. Cartoons that I happen to think are way better than the computer-animated cartoons today. And with Facebook being dominated by cartoon profile pictures, my favorite picks are from the late ’80s/early ’90s.

Here are the best cartoons from the ’90s (Feel free to steal these for your Facebook cartoon profile picture!):

1.  Rugrats

Kids nowadays might be familiar with the Rugrats characters from All Grown Up, but the baby version will always be the best. My favorite Rugrats character? Tommy Pickles. Coolest baby ever.

2.  Doug

Whenever I hear “liver and onions,” I still think of Doug Funnie. Except his obsession with Patty Mayonnaise was borderline annoying. I mean, she wasn’t that cool.

3.  Bobby’s World

I have to admit, I didn’t watch much of Bobby’s World — but this cartoon, created by Howie Mandel, is a ’90s classic. I immediately think of it every time I hear a Minnesota accent.

4. Daria

Aaaand this was my personal favorite cartoon of the ’90s — especially when I outgrew the typical cartoons that my little sister was watching. Ah, the days of quality MTV shows.

5. Aaahhh! Real Monsters

I wasn’t a religious watcher of Ahh Real Monsters, but it was cute when I caught it. It’s like the original Monsters, Inc.

6. Hey Arnold

Another classic Nickelodeon cartoon of the ’90s — before it was taken over by Dora and Diego. Even though Helga clearly had issues.

And here’s a list of ’90s cartoons I hope my kids never discover:

  • Beavis and Butthead
  • Ren and Stimpy
  • Rocko’s Modern Life

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