Best Back to School Supplies: Custom Labels You'll Love

I recently helped compile this year’s best back-to-school gear — along with Elina and Jordan — which was appropriate considering I’m a complete nerd for school supplies — with a capital N. And although my 18-month-old is still too young for pencils, backpacks, notebooks and crayons (oh how I can’t wait!), there’s one universal school supply from daycare through elementary school (and sometimes beyond): Labels.

All the way from baby bottles to big-kid folders, teachers like to have Every. Single. Item. labeled. Sure you could resort to masking tape and a Sharpie, but why? You’re cooler than that.

Keep reading for the top 5 custom labels:


Take these personalized, customizable, water-proof labels from Scribbling Club, for example. For just $6.40 you get a set of 20 labels that look just like your little ones. So cute!


I’ve mentioned before how I’m a letterpress lover, so you can imagine my adoration for these letterpress labels from 1canoe2. You’ll get four sheets of hand-drawn designs in different sizes and shapes, making it easy to personalize just about anything with a certain chic flair.


Oliver’s Labels has stick-on and iron-on labels inspired by designers like Liberty of London, Burberry, Missoni, Betsey Johnson and Pucci. As if that’s not enough to make you giddy, they even offer a free tracking system (if you want it), which connects you to lost items. (See below:)

The sympathetic finder will connect with Oliver’s Labels so none of your personal information is ever leaked. Just think of all your lost childhood dolls and toys that could have been recovered!


Another great spot for custom labels is Emily Press. Their “Back to School packs” come with two large labels, 10 shoe labels, 25 slim labels (dish-washer and microwave-safe for food and water bottles), 45 pencil labels and a whopping 48 Tag-a-Tag clothing labels, which are machine-washable and sunscreen-resistant. Plus the wide range of designs (their “Hip and Whimsy” collection is my favorite) are all waterproof and fade-resistant.


Lastly, this set designed by The Small Object artist, Sarah Neuburger, isn’t exclusively for “Back to School” per se, considering there are also gift tags and stickers alongside the labels. However, we guarantee that not a single one of these adorable illustrations will go to waste — even if it’s just to decorate a plain notebook. (Get it from

*If your child has allergies, don’t forget about Sunny’s great find over at Jeeto!

* And for more Back to School fashion, backpacks, lunchboxes and supplies (including the cutest bag tag ever), check out our feature on

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