Best Brands To Shop For Little Boys' Clothes

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of picking out an Easter suit for Huck, my 18-month-old son. I went in wit high hopes, but as I browsed the little boys’ racks at Macy’s, Old Navy, and the Gap, I started to feel frustrated with the limited offerings available for clothing our young men. Man, little boys sure do get the short end of the stick in the wardrobe department! (Especially at the Gap–we’re talking an entire room of adorable little girls’ clothes and then one table–one table!–of little boys’ baggy khaki’s and sad GAP logo sweat shirts. It was enough to make me want to write an angry letter!)

Luckily, there are a few shops I’ve found that I can rely on time and time again to bring the goods for the boys. ┬áBecause boys deserve cute clothes too!

After the jump, a few of my favorite places to find boys’ clothes in one handy slideshow. I’d love it if you shared your favorites too!

  • Zara 1 of 6
    Time and time again, Zara carries fashion forward, on trend boys items. Lots of suspenders, slim-cut jeans in fun colors, adorable tops (both sporty and not) and really, really rad shoes. I try to wait for sales, and I've also noticed their sizing runs a bit large. Zara is the best place for boys coats, hands down.
    Check out this and other rad boys' styles at Zara Online.
  • H&M 2 of 6
    Though the selection is never overly large, the baby department for little boys is always full of not sports-themed baby goods. Sometimes you just need a break from all the footballs! It should be noted, their older boys section (ages 2 and up) is entirely amazing.
    Check out this and other rad boys' styles at H&M, not available online.
  • Thief + Bandit 3 of 6
    Thief + Bandit
    I love stretchy knits on a baby, and I especially love the gender neutral (and sometimes bending) offerings available at Thief + Bandit. Owner and designer Amie Cunningham hand prints her fabrics and stitches her pieces with love from Virginia. I always buy Huck's leggings a size too large so he'll get extra use of them. I think they look equally cool a little too baggy and a little too tight ;).
    Check out this and other rad boys' styles at Thief + Bandit.
  • Etsy 4 of 6
    Vintage duds are such a smart way to go when you have a growing boy and a taste for well-made, high quality baby clothes. We don't have a reliable thrift store around for picking up second hand goods, so I like to turn to Etsy. On my radar lately is a really classic pair of overalls. Maybe these will do the trick?
    Check out this and other rad boys' styles at on Etsy.
  • Crew Cuts 5 of 6
    Crew Cuts
    Sadly, Huck won't fit into J.Crew's specialty kid's shop offerings for another few inches or so, but I am already scouring the sales for pieces I can save for later. While spendy, Crew Cuts boys' clothes offers the perfect mix of classic and trendy, and are really well-made. (And I am totally guilty of coveting pieces from their little girls' line from time to time!)
    Check out this and other rad boys' styles at Crew Cuts.
  • American Apparel 6 of 6
    American Apparel
    I never expected to be such a fan of American Apparel (I mostly read awful things about the company online), but their kids' line is just the bee's knees. I especially love their baseball tees, leggings, and cardigans. The cotton is so soft, and forgiving both when too tight and too large, so I feel like I get a little extra mileage out of my purchases. The line is full of real classic looks, and great layering pieces for the chilly seasons.
    Check out this and other rad boys' styles at American Apparel.

What are your favorite places to find boys’ clothes?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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