Best Handmade Halloween Costumes for Kids: Part I

For those with a love for handmade costumes but the lack of DIY skills, we have

And thank goodness for Etsy.

Here are some of the best, most impressive handmade kids’ Halloween costumes that you can buy. (Or, for those crafty types, draw inspiration for your own DIY halloween costume.) Due to the over-abundance of quality Etsy costumes this year, I separated the list into two batches: one for girls and one for boys, although there are plenty of gender-neutral costumes sprinkled in.

So here is the first edition of the Best Handmade Halloween Costumes for Kids (at all price points):

  • Little Red Riding Hood Tutu Costume 1 of 20
    Little Red Riding Hood Tutu Costume
    A girlie, glam take on the classic Little Red Riding Hood idea — and odds are, she'll be wearing it for many dress-up days after Halloween.
    Sizes: 12 months 5T
    Buy from Etsy/Ava Belles Closet, $59.95
  • Unicorn Cape 2 of 20
    Unicorn Cape
    An easy, versatile costume cape that can be worn over any type of clothing for any type of Halloween weather.
    Sizes: 2 years+
    Buy from Buy from Etsy/Pip and Bean, $49
  • Majestic Clown Costume 3 of 20
    Majestic Clown Costume
    The fanciest clown on the block.
    Sizes: 12 months 5 T
    Buy from Etsy/Izzy's Couture, $110
  • Lala Loospy 4 of 20
    Lala Loospy
    Inspired by the popular doll, this handmade costume is a sure prize winner.
    Sizes: 12 months 8 years
    Buy from Etsy/Fairytale Jubilee, $145
  • Circus Performer: Tight Rope Walker 5 of 20
    Circus Performer: Tight Rope Walker
    The costumes from Fairytale Jubilee are certainly on the pricier end of the Etsy costume spectrum, but they really are unmatched.
    Sizes: 12 months 8 years
    Buy from Etsy/Fairytale Jubilee, $155
  • Marionette-Inspired Costume 6 of 20
    Marionette-Inspired Costume
    Another extravagant Halloween splurge, but we couldn't not include this professional-quality costume.
    Sizes: 12 months 8 years
    Buy from Etsy/Fairytale Jubilee, $240
  • Tangled/Rapunzel Princess Tutu 7 of 20
    Tangled/Rapunzel Princess Tutu
    Coming back down to the more affordable range, the Etsy shop Kiddie Wink Designs makes a variety of affordable dress-up tutus, including Tinkerbell, Cinderella, and Merida from Brave. But I especially love the Tangled-inspired princess tutu.
    Sizes: 2 7 years
    Buy from Etsy/KiddieWinkDesigns, $28
  • Pocahontas Dress 8 of 20
    Pocahontas Dress
    Inspired by the Disney movie, this Pocahontas costume is one of many Disney princess costumes from Made for Mermaids.
    Sizes: 6 months 8 years
    Buy from Etsy/Made for Mermaids, $54
  • Posh Witch 9 of 20
    Posh Witch
    The prettiest witch costume for glam girls.
    Sizes: 2T 5T
    Buy from Etsy/PoshPinkTutu, $139
  • Affordable Basic Cape and Mask 10 of 20
    Affordable Basic Cape and Mask
    These basic cape-and-mask sets (for girls AND boys) make the perfect easy handmade costume as is, or embellished at home.
    Sizes: One size (approximately 2T 8 years)
    Buy from Etsy/Super Kid Capes, $14.99
  • Limited Edition Rainbow Bird Wings and Mask Set 11 of 20
    Limited Edition Rainbow Bird Wings and Mask Set
    A unique, creative, intricately designed wing-and-mask set.
    Sizes: One size to fit approximately 3T 8 years
    Buy from Etsy/The Tree House Kid, $60
  • Fairy Tale Mermaid Costume 12 of 20
    Fairy Tale Mermaid Costume
    Pretty, easy-to-wear mermaid costumes that any little girl would love for Halloween and beyond.
    Sizes: 3T 8 years
    Buy from Etsy/A Rainy Day Play, $30
  • Ladybug Tutu Costume 13 of 20
    Ladybug Tutu Costume
    This adorable ladybug set comes with a handmade tutu, cotton leg warmers, and wings.
    Sizes: 0 7 years
    Buy from Etsy/A Little Birdie Boutique, $50
  • Boutique Pinocchio Costume 14 of 20
    Boutique Pinocchio Costume
    This Pinocchio costume can be adapted for a girl or boy by switching out the bow tie and white shirt.
    Sizes: 12 months 6/7 years
    Buy from Etsy/Lisa's Little Stitches, $48
  • Owl Costume 15 of 20
    Owl Costume
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful design in a variety of colors schemes.
    Sizes: 18 months 5 years
    Buy from Etsy/Savage Seeds, $74
  • Merida Brave Dress 16 of 20
    Merida Brave Dress
    This year's newest Disney princess is making a big splash in the costume world, but there are few as well made as this Merida costume from Playful Princesses. (And it's one of many Disney princess costumes offered.)
    Sizes: 2T 12 years
    Buy from Etsy/Playful Princesses, $70
  • Pocahontas Knitted Babygrow Costume 17 of 20
    Pocahontas Knitted Babygrow Costume
    The costumes from The Miniature Knit Shop are some of the most expensive on — but they're also the most well made and creative.
    Sizes: 3 9 months or 9 18
    Buy from Etsy/The Miniature Knit Shop, $299
  • Purple TinkerFairy Costume 18 of 20
    Purple TinkerFairy Costume
    Another costume splurge, but just try prying this fairy costume off of your little girl.
    Sizes: 2T - 16
    Buy from Etsy/Enchanted Fairyware Couture, $99.99
  • Curly Sue 19 of 20
    Curly Sue
    Easy, adorable, and hilarious.
    Sizes: One size (baby)
    Buy from Etsy/Sweet Pea Toad Tots, $55
  • Turquoise Parrot Costume 20 of 20
    Turquoise Parrot Costume
    The Etsy shop Thumbelina Workshop has a variety of animal costumes — but I especially love the parrot.
    Sizes: 6 36 months
    Buy from Etsy/Thumbelina Workshop, $55

Next up: Best Handmade Halloween Costumes for Kids: Part II



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