Best Handmade Halloween Costumes for Kids: Part II

After taking a look at Part I of the Best Handmade Halloween Costumes for kids, let’s move on to the more boy-ish costume ideas from Etsy. Of course many of these can be worn by boys or girls, but it was just easier to divide the costumes this way.

So take a look at the next batch of incredible, inventive, inspiring handmade Halloween costumes for kids (at all price points):

  • Native American Indian Costume 1 of 21
    Native American Indian Costume
    That elaborate headdress is the stuff that Halloween costume contest winners are made of.
    Sizes: 18 months 9 years
    Buy from Etsy/Mainstreet X Costumes, $42
  • The White Rabbit 2 of 21
    The White Rabbit
    A theatrical take on this Alice in Wonderland-inspired costume idea.
    Sizes: Made to order
    Buy from Etsy/Fairytale Jubilee, $145
  • Raccoon Costume 3 of 21
    Raccoon Costume
    One of the many adorable creature costumes from this Etsy shop — obviously suitable for either boys or girls.
    Sizes: 6 36 months
    Buy from Etsy/Thumbelina Workshop, $55
  • Praying Mantis 4 of 21
    Praying Mantis
    One of the most unique and head-turning Halloween costume ideas I've ever seen.
    Sizes: Custom made, 3T+
    Buy from Etsy/Mountain Mama Made It, $60
  • Batman Costume 5 of 21
    Batman Costume
    Just because your son wants to be a superhero, that doesn't mean you have to settle for a store-bought costume. (Or daughter for that matter, considering this Etsy shop makes a girlie batgirl costume, as well.)
    Sizes: 6 months 6 years
    Buy from Etsy/Sweet Things Kids, $37
  • Travelocity Garden Gnome 6 of 21
    Travelocity Garden Gnome
    Gnomes are big this year (every year?), but this Travelocity version had me chuckling.
    Sizes: 6 months 6 years
    Buy from Etsy/Tickle Trunk, $65
  • Gnomeo Costume 7 of 21
    Gnomeo Costume
    Or, for a more affordable gnome costume, opt for this set.
    Sizes: 3 - 7 years (but can custom make)
    Buy from Etsy/Kiddie Wink Designs, $25
  • Kids Wolf Mask and Tail 8 of 21
    Kids Wolf Mask and Tail
    Looking for an easy, simple Halloween costume — possibly for an older child weaning from trick-or-treating with mom and dad? The costume sets from BHBKidstyle are versatile and unique.
    Sizes: Toddlers (infants up to 4 years) and Children (up to 11 years).
    Buy from Etsy/BHBKidstyle, $30.82
  • Lion Halloween Costume 9 of 21
    Lion Halloween Costume
    One of the sweetest gender-neutral costume ideas for babies and toddlers.
    Sizes: 1 4 years
    Buy from Etsy/BooBahBlue, $78
  • Personalized Super Hero Cape 10 of 21
    Personalized Super Hero Cape
    What little boy doesn't want to be a Super Hero at one point? These personalized capes will certainly be worn long after Halloween ends.
    Sizes: 2T+
    Buy from Etsy/Neverland Nook, $25
  • Wings Jet Pack 11 of 21
    Wings Jet Pack
    Your little boy (or girl) will steal the show in this handmade jet pack.
    Sizes: one size
    Buy from Etsy/A Rainy Day Play, $50
  • Hedgehog Costume 12 of 21
    Hedgehog Costume
    Sizes: 5 8 years
    For kids a little younger (3 6), this Etsy shop also sells a Knuckles the Hedgehog costume — both of which can be for a boy or girl.
    Buy from Etsy/Beau Miracle For You, $55
  • Dinosaur Costume with 3D Spikes and Scales 13 of 21
    Dinosaur Costume with 3D Spikes and Scales
    An easy yet impressive handmade costume idea for dinosaur-loving kids.
    Sizes: 2T+
    Buy from Etsy/Pip and Bean, $40
  • Pirate Boy Costume 14 of 21
    Pirate Boy Costume
    This elaborate pirate costume comes with a vest, head scarf, white cotton shirt, pants, and a sash. This Etsy shop also makes an equally impressive girl pirate version.
    Sizes: 2T 11 years
    Buy from Etsy/Mainstreet X, $47
  • Cowboy Knitted Babygrow Onesie 15 of 21
    Cowboy Knitted Babygrow Onesie
    The Etsy shop The Miniature Knit Shop certainly isn't cheap, but just look at the heirloom quality of this knitted cowboy costume.
    Sizes: 3 9 months or 9 18 months
    Buy from Etsy/The Miniature Knit Shop, $299
  • Royal Guard Knitted Babygrow 16 of 21
    Royal Guard Knitted Babygrow
    Or this royal guard costume! Talk about unique and head-turning. These costumes are available in 100% cotton or 100% lamb's wool — both extra soft on baby's skin.
    Sizes: 3 9 months or 9 18 months
    Buy from Etsy/The Miniature Knit Shop, $299
  • Sack of Taters 17 of 21
    Sack of Taters
    But this has to be my favorite halloween costume for kids on Etsy. I mean, it's a sack of potatoes! C'mon!
    Sizes: 0 3T
    Buy from Etsy/Taters Place, $60
  • Fleece Knight Costume 18 of 21
    Fleece Knight Costume
    This Etsy shop sells all of these pieces individually (in a variety of different styles) — or you can buy the entire set, which includes a tunic, helmet, shield, body armor, and a wooden sword with a handmade sheath.
    Sizes: Made to order
    Buy from Etsy/The Tree House Kid, $35 - $215
  • Dopey: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 19 of 21
    Dopey: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    Right? RIGHT? I'm dying. Too, too cute.
    Sizes: Made to order
    Buy from Etsy/The Tree House Kid, $125
  • Deep Sea Angler Fish 20 of 21
    Deep Sea Angler Fish
    A unique costume idea in a versatile cape.
    Sizes: 2 years +
    Buy from Etsy/Pip and Bean, $49
  • Hammerhead Shark 21 of 21
    Hammerhead Shark
    Another adorable costume cape that can be layered with any type of clothing for any type of weather.
    Sizes: Infants+
    Buy from Etsy/Pip and Bean, $49

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