Best Music Toys for Toddlers

We are ruthless in editing our toy collection. If it doesn’t have a place on the shelf then it gets donated. We spent a lot of time curating a collection of music toys the last year. These are our favorite music toys for the 2-5 year old crowd. We like music toys that actually make noise, not the ones that make muted noises. Want to find out where to get these? We review these and tell you where to get them after the jump.

A. Toy Guitar $18 This is a guitar you can strum. Our child drags this all over the house trying to play “Puff the Magic Dragon.”

B. Kazoo Trumpet $19 We brought this back as a souvenir from New York last summer and even our 1 year old likes to play it.

C. Wood Xylophone $25 Ok we lied, this one makes a muted noise, but we still like it because its cute.

D. Schylling Accordian $23 This is one of the most satisfying toys to play with, errrr…if adults played with toys.

E. Drum $25 It’s even got a strap for impromptu parades down the hall.

F. Toy Piano $74 This adorable mini red piano is on our wish list. My kids love playing with it at our favorite toy store.

What are your favorite musical toys for small kids? Percussion Eggs? Those little symbols for your fingers?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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