Best Nap Mats for Daycare, Preschool and Kindergarten

I just got back from my son’s first play visit to his new daycare, which was thankfully a wonderful experience. The environment more resembles a preschool now that he’s 18 months old, with learning, activity centers, art and imaginative play. Everything that a little guy could want — except for one thing: his crib.

While I know that all kids get used to the new sleeping arrangement in time, it’s still a bit unsettling to think of my former baby no longer needing the comforts of a crib mattress to drift off to sleep. We all want our kids to be comfortable and safe, which is why some parents prefer to bring their own nap mats or use these to cover any provided mats.

Here are the best nap mats we’ve found:

Best Personalized:

Your little one will have a special, personalized place to nap with Pottery Barn’s Preschool Animal Nap Mat. Don’t the appliqued animals and built-in covers make them look so warm and friendly? Like their first little sleeping bag.

Best Affordable:

Trust us, nap mats can easily climb above the $100 mark, which might seem a little excessive when you can usually just provide sheets and call it a day. If you’re just looking for something a little more fun and comfortable (rather than eco-friendly or organic), these Stephen Joseph nap mats are plush and inviting. Plus, the head serves as a built-in pillow!

Best Organic:

If it’s important for you to know that your baby is sleeping on organic and safe materials, you won’t find a better nap mat than the ones at the Etsy shop Sewn Natural. They range from $85 – $110, but they’re all uniquely hand-made with over 25 beautiful designs. Each mat is filled with five layers of cotton quilt batting and covered in soft organic fabric, and the sturdy bottom is made from organic denim and hemp. Also, because of the unique way these mats fold, you’ll know that any dirt on the bottom won’t be rolled onto the fabric:

Best Nap Mat Cover:

If your school-of-choice prefers kids to use the nap provided, you have alternatives besides bringing in a thin sheet. These hand-made covers from the Etsy shop Lollipop Designs fits over any Kindermat and are lined with comfy quilted fabric in a variety of stylish designs. So while the nap mats might all be the same size and shape, your kid’s will be way more comfortable.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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