Best Superhero Halloween Costumes

Ever since we had a superhero themed party for my son’s first birthday, I’ve had a soft spot for superhero costumes. They really are the perfect halloween costume, because you can make them into (or out of) whatever you want. Of course you can get the classic costumes, like Superman or The Flash, but having a kid make up their own hero seems even better. There are some great ready-to-go costumes from the usual suspects, Etsy is a treasure trove of great superhero gear you could piece together into a full outfit, and there are a lot of DIY suggestions out there too. Check out the gallery after the jump to get inspired to make super heros out of your kids.

  • Power Cuffs 1 of 9
    Power Cuffs
    These would lend instant credibility to any costume.
  • Custom Outfit 2 of 9
    Custom Outfit
    This outfit is fully customizable and comes with a mask, gloves, a tee and a cape.
  • Custom Cape 3 of 9
    Custom Cape
    I think this custom cape would get worn for a lot more than Halloween.
  • Superhero Baby Outfit 4 of 9
    Superhero Baby Outfit
    This is so sweet.
  • Shoe Wings 5 of 9
    Shoe Wings
    I love these wings that you can add to a normal pair of shoes. This is another one that would get a lot more use than just for Halloween.
  • Martha Stewart DIY 6 of 9
    Martha Stewart DIY
    If you want to go the totally handmade route, Martha Stewart has some great suggestions
  • Captain America 7 of 9
    Captain America
    This is one of my favorite ready-to-go costumes.
  • The Flash 8 of 9
    The Flash
    Another good option if you want it all in one stop.
  • Violet from the Incredibles 9 of 9
    Violet from the Incredibles
    Sometimes it's tricky to find girl oriented superheros (especially ones that aren't suggestive) but Violet from the Incredibles is perfect.

Power Cuffs $7.50

Custom Outfit $56

Custom Cape $25

Superhero Baby Outfit $63

Shoe Wings $22

Martha Stewart DIY (free downloads)

Captain America $29

The Flash $35

Violet from the Incredibles $24


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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