Biggest Mom Fashion Mistakes + Forgivable Fixes

Let me be perfectly honest: I don’t really care what you wear. But as long as we’re thinking about New Year’s Resolutions and fresh starts, why not resolve to put yourself a wee bit higher than the bottom of your priority list? And when you leave the house in stained sweats, athletic shoes, and a baggy t-shirt, it doesn’t look like you care very much.

Because you deserve to feel beautiful. You deserve to feel stylish. You deserve to care.

Here are some if the biggest fashion mistakes that new moms are known to make and easy, comparable fixes.

  • Baggy Sweats 1 of 18
    Baggy Sweats
    I know they're comfy and broken in, but they look really, really bad.
    via Just Gear
  • BETTER: Fitted Athletic Pants 2 of 18
    BETTER: Fitted Athletic Pants
    While I'm still not a big fan of around-the-clock athletic pants, I get it; I've been a new mom. But I guarantee you'll feel better about yourself (and your husband will be happier to see you) wearing fitted yoga pants around the house.
    Buy from Blue Canoe, $50
  • Mom Jeans 3 of 18
    Mom Jeans
    I hate the term "mom jeans" because it gives all moms a bad rep — so let's all stop wearing them. Those shapeless, baggy-on-the-rear, high-waisted pants that have come to define our sub-culture.
  • BETTER: High-Waisted Boot Cut Jeans 4 of 18
    BETTER: High-Waisted Boot Cut Jeans
    They're high-waisted enough for all of the toy and blankie pick-ups, and flattering for any body top.
    Buy from Mango, $50
  • Leggings As Pants 5 of 18
    Leggings As Pants
    Repeat after me: leggings are not pants.
    via GAP
  • BETTER: Jeggings 6 of 18
    BETTER: Jeggings
    If you have no problem wearing leggings as pants, then just invest in a pair of jeggings. At least they look like real pants.
    Buy from ASOS, $18.50
  • Crocs 7 of 18
    sigh. They're just so ugly, you guys. They're just SO ugly.
    via Crocs
  • BETTER: Crocs That Don’t Look Like Crocs 8 of 18
    BETTER: Crocs That Don't Look Like Crocs
    But not all Crocs are created equally. If your argument for Crocs is comfort or convenience, allow me to introduce their more attractive cousin.
    Buy from Crocs, $30
  • Borrowing Your Tween or Teens Clothes 9 of 18
    Borrowing Your Tween or Teens Clothes
    Mom Fashion Faux Paux #1.
  • BETTER: Buying Adult Clothes That Your Teens Will Want to Borrow 10 of 18
    BETTER: Buying Adult Clothes That Your Teens Will Want to Borrow
    Stores like Forever 21 and H&M have plenty of youthful clothes for adults. Leave the "Juniors" section for the little ones.
    Buy from Forever 21, $23
  • Baggy Clothes to Hide Extra Weight 11 of 18
    Baggy Clothes to Hide Extra Weight
    You're not fooling anyone. You're actually making yourself look worse by wearing baggy clothes — as much as it feels the opposite.
    Photo: Flickr/Valerie Everett
  • BETTER: Fitted, Flattering Clothes 12 of 18
    BETTER: Fitted, Flattering Clothes
    Well-tailored pants, a fitted shirt, and a belt can do wonders for your waist line.
    Buy from Forever 21, $5
  • White Cross Trainers 13 of 18
    White Cross Trainers
    Athletic shoes and jeans should never mix. If you're not doing something athletic, there are plenty of other affordable, comfy, easy slip-on shoes to wear.
    via K-Swiss
  • BETTER: Cute Flats 14 of 18
    BETTER: Cute Flats
    Like these! Made by TOMS, these flats are as comfy as they are pretty.
    Buy from TOMS, $74
  • Ponytail, Ponytail, Ponytail 15 of 18
    Ponytail, Ponytail, Ponytail
    I know how difficult it is to shower in those beginning weeks, and how easy it is to get stuck in a beauty rut. But dry shampoo can be a wonderful thing.
  • BETTER: Easy Hair Tutorials 16 of 18
    BETTER: Easy Hair Tutorials
    There are plenty of hairstyles that take under 5 minutes to put together.
    See more easy hair tutorials
  • Wrong Undergarments 17 of 18
    Wrong Undergarments
    You're far too young for granny panties.
    via Hanes
  • BETTER: Shapewear 18 of 18
    BETTER: Shapewear
    Instead, invest in some tummy-sucking, leg-toning shapewear. Because sometimes it's what's under your clothes that makes the biggest difference.
    Buy from Yummy Tummy


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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