Bling Your Edison Bulb


Edison bulbs are all kinds of trendy right now, while updated (i.e. spray painted) chandeliers are on their way out. So what’s next for the poor chandelier? Why, a quick blast with your miniaturizing gun for the chandelier of course. Then flick the switch to enlarge, hit the edison bulb, and viola! Two lights in one.

‘Hey, you got your chandelier in my pendant light!’ ‘No, you got your pendant light on my chandelier!’


Or maybe you could forgo the DIY just this once (just once, it’s OK) and instead order this rather fantastic light fixture: the King Edison Lamp by Young and Battaglia, from Minehart. Sure, its a little pricey at $750, but really, it’s probably time to admit that that shrink ray gun you found at the flea market doesn’t really work and step away. Sometimes it’s best to leave this sort of thing to the experts.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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