Blogger House Tour: A Peek Into the Homes of Your Favorite Bloggers

Take a peek inside the homes of 25 of your favorite bloggers with the Blogger House Tour. Find out where Oh Joy gets all her design inspiration from. Check out where the Pioneer Woman really cooks and how SF Girl By Bay has put her design fingerprint on her modern cottage. Get a glimpse into where all the blogging magic happens for your favorite DIY, lifestyle, design, food, and mom bloggers from across the web.

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  • A Peek Into the Homes of Your Favorite Bloggers 1 of 26
    A _ peek into the homes of your favorite bloggers

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  • A Beautiful Mess 2 of 26

    Elsie Larson is a design savvy/DIY blogger and watching her transform her new home has been a burst of inspiration every time.
    Find out more at A Beautiful Mess.

  • Skunkboy Creatures 3 of 26

    Looking to design a nursery? Skunkboy Creatures has been giving little tours of each room in her house and Poesy's nursery is perfection.
    Find out more at Skunkboy Creatures.

  • Smile and Wave 4 of 26

    It was hard to decide which room exactly to feature from Smile and Wave, but the kids' room is too hard to pass up. It's like it's out of a storybook.
    Find out more at Smile and Wave.

  • Bleubird Vintage 5 of 26

    Baby Sailor's corner is one of the sweetest little spaces for a new baby. 
    Find out more at Bleubird Vintage.

  • Oh Happy Day 6 of 26

    Oh Happy Day's home is 500 square feet of creative and inspiring home decor in every nook and cranny.
    Find out more at Oh Happy Day.

  • Oh Joy 7 of 26

    Oh Joy does an absolutely fantastic job mixing together vintage with modern in her own unique style. There's no way you could enter this house and not be inspired.
    Find out more at Oh Joy.

  • A Cup of Jo 8 of 26

    Joanna Goddard is famous for her eye for design and her little New York apartment is nothing short of beautiful.
    Find out more at A Cup of Jo.

  • Love Taza 9 of 26

    Eleanor and Samson's New York nursery only tops off Love Taza's already adorable life.
    Spotted at Love Taza.

  • Cupcakes and Cashmere 10 of 26

    See the adorable home Cupcakes and Cashmere comes from with her home tour.
    Spotted at Cupcakes and Cashmere.

  • Sea of Shoes 11 of 26

    Jane has excelled at sharing her unique fashion sense with readers, but now get a glimpse inside where the magic happens.
    Find out more at Sea of Shoes.

  • Little Cottage on the Pond 12 of 26

    Through her stunning photos, Tricia shows you that it is really possible to live big in a small house.
    Find out more at Little Cottage on the Pond.

  • The Glamourai 13 of 26

    The Glamourai has great fashion sense and obviously fantastic design sense too.
    Find out more at The Glamourai.

  • The Handmade Home 14 of 26

    The Handmade Home not only is one of the most happy and inviting homes I've seen, but if you follow their blog, you can learn how to make your home look stunning on a budget too.
    Find out more at The Handmade Home.

  • Cakies 15 of 26

    You'd never know that Cakies had four adorable girls running around this beautiful home. I'm still trying to figure out how to hang a hammock in my home too. It's so fun!
    Find out more at Cakies.

  • SF Girl By Bay 16 of 26

    It's no surprise that SF Girl By Bay has brought her exquisite design sense right into her home.
    Find out more at SF Girl By Bay.

  • Jaime’s Pretty Prudent Patio 17 of 26

    Jaime's stunning patio is a little escape in the heart of Los Angeles. The colors really pop and make it so inviting.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Young House Love 18 of 26

    Young House Love has a knack for home makeovers. Check out what this room looked like before. 
    Find out more at Young House Love.

  • Bloesem 19 of 26

    Irene from Bloesem has turned this home into a minimal and quite peaceful looking oasis. I'd love to eat every meal in here.
    Find out more at SF Girl by Bay.

  • We Go To & Fro 20 of 26

    Denise Bovee has turned her patio into something out of a storybook. Every picture she takes in here just looks like a dream.
    See the complete house tour at A Beautiful Mess.

  • Making it Lovely 21 of 26

    It was hard to pick just one room to show off in this adorable house. What a great dining room though, right?
    Find out more at Making it Lovely.

  • Design for Minikind 22 of 26

    An office and playroom come together in Design for Minkind's home.
    Find out more at Design for Minikind.

  • The Pioneer Woman 23 of 26

    I'd probably be cooking up a storm if I had a kitchen like this too. So beautiful and so much counter space.
    Find out more at The Pioneer Woman.

  • How About Orange 24 of 26

    This bright office would make working from home a whole lot easier.
    See more photos of her office and read her interview at TCG.

  • Delightfully Tacky 25 of 26

    Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky has been capturing moments of her new home makeover. This living room and DIY Chevron Coffee Table go together perfectly, don't you think?
    Spotted at Delightfully Tacky.

  • My Courtyard 26 of 26

    With a mix of buy, DIY, planning, and time I was able to create the beautiful courtyard we love to spend time in now.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Pretty Prudent, the premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.

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