Blowing Up: 25 Easy, Inexpensive, and Totally Unexpected Ways to Use A Balloon

Balloons are a wonderfully classic staple to any party, but take that air bubble on a string one step further and I think you’ll be surprised with what you come up with. Make easy changes to your balloon decor by embellishing the strings with ribbons and paper shapes like you see here or maybe keep costs low (while still having a blast!) by playing games like balloon paddle ball. And did you know you can use balloons to decorate your shoes? Check all out below:

1. Balloon Vase

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Image source: Family Chic

Learn how to make this beautiful modern vase at home with a votive candle holder and balloon.

(via Family Chic)

2. Start a Band

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Image source: Minieco

Use balloons and tin cans to create your own bongo drums, Ricky Ricardo!

(via Minieco)

3. Pool Noodle Balloon Madness

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Image source: Parents

See who can move their balloons into the buckets the fastest using only pool noodles. Game on.

(via Parents)

4. Balloon Art

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Image source: Design for Mankind

Fill balloons with paint and pop them on a canvas to make colorful art a la The Princess Diaries. 

(via Design for Mankind)

5. Water Balloon Piñata

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Image source: Ziggity Zoom

Tie water balloons on a string and whack them with the bat for a fun and oddly satisfying way to cool down at a summer party.

(via Ziggity Zoom)

6. Glow in the Dark Balloons

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Image source: Why Not Do It Yourself

Place a glow stick inside a balloon and inflate — voila!

(via Why Not Do It Yourself)

7. Luminaries

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Image source: Dollar Store Crafts

Illuminate the yard with these chic and easy luminaries made with balloons.

(via Dollar Store Crafts)

8. Invites

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Image source: Edyta

Use balloons to give all the details of the party: too cute.

(via Edyta)

9. Paddleball

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Image source: Pen and Paper Flowers

Attach paper plates to wooden popsicle sticks and let the game of balloon paddleball begin!

(via Pen and Paper Flowers)

10. Science Experiments

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Image source: Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

Learn all about gases with this fun family experiment that makes learning fun.

(via Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas)

11. Yarn Balls

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Image source: Amy Atlas

Inflate balloons to use for the molds of these pretty yarn ball decorations.

(via Amy Atlas)

12. Fresh and Fruity

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Image source: Oh Happy Day

Cover the floor with fruit balloons at the next party and make a life-sized fruit salad.

(via Oh Happy Day)

13. Bubbles

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Image source: The Crafts Dept

Decorate a champagne bar with balloons made to look like bubbles.

(via The Crafts Dept)

14. Your Answer to Stress

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Image source: Repeat Crafter Me

Give the gift of less stress by making your own stress balls.

(via Repeat Crafter Me)

15. Flip Flops

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Image source: Or So She Says

Take a pair of inexpensive flip flops and deck them out with balloons for fun and fancy feet.

(via Or So She Says)

16. Inflated Terrarium

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Image source: I Can Teach My Child

Grow your own little world of wonder inside a balloon terrarium.

(via I Can Teach My Child)

17. Pudding Cups

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Image source: Bakerella

Balloons will come in handy for making these yummy pudding cups.

(via Bakerella)

18. Birthday Wreath

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Image source: Heck Fridays

Use bags of balloons to create this colorful birthday wreath.

(via Heck Fridays)

19. Water Balloon Baseball

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Image source: Family Fun

Fill balloons with water and bring out the plastic baseball gear. Batter up!

(via Family Fun)

20. Lanterns

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Image source: Kleas

Take the kids on an evening candlelit (or batter-operated candlelit) stroll after you all make lanterns.

(via Kleas)

21. Ice Cream Cones

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Image source: It Mom

Cut out paper cones and attach them to balloons. Yum!

(via It Mom)

22. Dress Up the Tails

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Image source: Bon Bon Balloons

One of the easiest ways to change up balloon decor is by getting creative with the balloon strings. Use yarn, ribbon, and paper for embellishing. Talk about festive!

(via Bon Bon Balloons)

23. Balloon Ice

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Image source: Home Confetti

Who needs ice, when you have frozen water balloons to chill your drinks?

(via Home Confetti)

24. Sweet Pops

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Image source: Parents

Wrap balloons with cellophane to turn your living room into a candy land!

(via Parents)

25. Confetti Balloons

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Image source: Bon Bons Balloons

Fill clear balloons with confetti. Shake, rattle, and roll — it’s that easy.

(via Bon Bon Balloons)

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